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Political Science Minor

How do politics and government impact our everyday lives? Find out in the Political Science minor at the University of Central Missouri. Focusing on just the right number of classes from the Political Science BS and Political Science BA programs, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of the policies and behavior that govern our society and culture. 

Explore relevant issues in national security, education, health, environment, terrorism, globalization, energy, health care, science and technology and more. At the same time, you’ll sharpen your communication, analytical, leadership and problem-solving skills to open up options in grad school, Political Science minor jobs and careers in a wide variety of fields.

A Political Science minor can be combined with many of UCM’s undergraduate degrees to enhance your abilities and help make you a stronger candidate in the job market. It’s a particularly good minor for Criminal Justice majors, as well as Sociology, History, International Studies and other undergraduate public service degrees. 

Online classes in UCM’s Political Science Minor

In addition to online courses that may be offered by your major program of study, UCM’s Political Science minor offers many online courses. This provides you with flexible options in completing your bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Missouri on time and in a way that fits with your schedule.

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Good minor for Criminal Justice majors

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Pairs well with public service degrees

What you will study

Regardless of what your major is, a Political Science minor can complement your bachelor’s degree to expand and deepen your knowledge in one of four subfields of political science:

  • Law and Theory: If you’re interested in a career in the legal field, courses in Law and Theory can help you prepare for getting into law school. Explore topics in American Constitutional law and courtroom law, as well as civil liberties and civil rights — topics that make political science an especially good minor for Criminal Justice majors.
  • International Relations: Politics between countries and international institutions are complex. From climate change and globalization to human rights and security issues, you’ll learn the intricacies of diplomacy in working with foreign governments and global societies.
  • American Politics: Explore fundamental institutions, dynamics and issues in the U.S. political system. Courses in this subfield of political science enhance public service degrees to prepare you for a career in government.
  • Comparative Politics: Gain an understanding of the key political dynamics around the world. In this subfield of political science, you’ll study how government shapes cultures and societies in global regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

UCM’s Political Science program courses are taught by award-winning, tenured faculty who actively conduct and publish research in their respective fields. Outside the classroom, they guide and mentor undergraduate students in choosing coursework that meets their goals, preparing for law school, identifying Political Science minor jobs and more. With their expertise in everything from voter behavior and legislative politics to Middle Eastern politics and international development, you’re bound to find a shared interest area. They might even convince you the four-year Political Science Bachelor of Science or Arts is right for you.


Unique learning opportunities in political science

In addition to all of the benefits offered by your bachelor’s degree program, you’ll gain real-world experience and apply knowledge you learn in the classroom in a variety of ways such as:

  • Internships: Complete an internship for course credit, even in UCM’s Political Science minor program. We can help you find a placement in Johnson County, elsewhere in Missouri or across the country. For example, our Poli Sci minors have worked at City Hall in Warrensburg, the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, the nonprofit organization Global FC and the International Relations Council of Kansas City.
  • Study abroad: Travel to other countries and gain a first-hand view of the impact public policies and political behavior have on other societies and cultures. Opportunities to study abroad or participate in service learning include trips to Cuba, Peru, Tanzania, Israel and Jordan. You can study abroad for just a few weeks, a whole summer or the entire semester. One of few universities in the country that offer study abroad grants and scholarships, UCM has opportunities even for Political Science minors to apply. 
  • Student activities: From Model U.N. to UCM Mock Trial, student organizations, clubs and special events offer additional hands-on learning opportunities to gain leadership and teamwork skills. The UCM Model U.N. team travels to St. Louis and around the Midwest to compete against undergraduate students from other universities and colleges in diplomatic simulations. UCM Mock Trial may be particularly interesting if you’re planning to become a lawyer. 100% of the UCM Mock Trial team members have been accepted to law school.


What can you do with a minor in Political Science?

Combining a major and a minor can multiply your career opportunities in both fields. Political Science minor jobs are similar to those available with a Political Science bachelor’s degree, including education, government, law, private and nonprofit sectors, public service and more. As a good minor for Criminal Justice majors, Political Science minor jobs could also include working for community agencies, youth and family services and probation and parole departments. Start an entry-level job right out of college or, especially with public service degrees, prepare for law or grad school.

Add a Political Science minor, increase your career options

Explore political science career fields, job titles, income-earning potential and more — in Missouri and throughout the United States — using the interactive tool below.




Financial assistance options for your Political Science minor

As an undergraduate student at the University of Central Missouri, you have many options for financing your education. You may qualify for:

  • Federal grants and scholarships
  • General need and merit-based scholarships 
  • Program scholarships in your major program of study


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Make yourself more marketable.


Gain even more of an advantage when pursuing your career by combining your BA or BS degree with a Poli Sci minor plus one of the following:

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Explore programs related to political science.


From public service degrees to global studies, the Political Science minor at UCM is an especially good addition to bachelor’s degree programs such as:

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