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Leadership Studies Minor

Learn by Doing 

Leadership Studies Minor students leverage the content from their major as they meet many of the requirements for the minor through their own major coursework and the leadership studies courses. As a Leadership Studies student, you will:

  • Make connections between major courses and leadership.
  • Enhance skills and experience.
  • Create a strong network of peers.
  • Actively participate in an organization where real-world work matters.

Courses & Requirements

UCM’s Leadership Studies Minor focuses on competencies. Because many majors across campus include the same competencies, this minor requires only a few additional courses for some majors.

Leadership Studies Minor students must complete knowledge competencies 1 and 2 and at least four more of the eight competencies to fulfill the minor.

The eight competencies:

  1. Leadership and Advocacy Roles
  2. Management of Resources
  3. Promotion, Marketing and Communication
  4. Diversity and Cultural Differences
  5. Decisions in the Legal and Ethical Realms
  6. Venture/Start-up Development
  7. Career Development
  8. Managing People

The National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS). Leadership studies students can earn a minor while simultaneously completeing three levels of a nationally recognized leadership certification as a member of NSLS. 



The UCM National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS) chapter has over 300 members representing nearly all majors on campus. Membership in NSLS* is required as part of the minor. NSLS contributes to student success through leadership workshops, networking opportunities, and career development activities. Through a cooperative effort with NSLS, you may earn three Leadership Certificates. 

The NSLS Student membership lifetime dues are less than $100.NSLS Logo


Contact Drs. Eric Nelson and Mary McCord for more information about the Leadership Studies Minor. 

Dr. McCord is the coordinator for the Leadership Studies minor. McCord has her Ph.D. in Management from the University of Oklahoma. She has been a member of the UCM faculty since 1999. You can contact her at

Mary McCord

Dr. Nelson is best characterized as a training and development specialist with interests in all of the funcaitonal areas of a business. He has a Ph.D. in Education specializing in Workforce Training from the University of Illlinois. Eric is the faculty adviser for the UCM Chapter of NSLS. You can contact him at

 Eric Nelson




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Leadership Studies Minor Coordinator

Dr. Mary McCord
Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship
Dockery 401B

NSLS Chapter Adviser

Dr. Eric Nelson
Professor of Management
Dockery 405F


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