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Coronavirus Update

All summer classes have moved to a virtual environment. UCM offices are open to the public with updated safety measures. Please contact offices by phone or email. Visit for more information.

On the first floor of the Science Building, some students are seated on benches and some are standing, waiting to go to class. Further down the hall, a professor is talking to some students.


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Physics Minor

Explore physics

Physics is generally regarded as the most fundamental of the natural sciences. Research in this area encompasses everything from the tiniest subatomic particles to the entire universe, from the fabric of time and space to the nature of reality itself. But the subject has a practical side, too: the future depends greatly on how people solve the world's problems, and problem solving is one of the things people trained in physics do best. From work in biophysics to quantum computation to planetary exploration, there are abundant possibilities for applying knowledge gained in this broad-ranging field. 

In addition, a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education with a Physics Option is available in conjunction with the College of Education.


Dr. James Taylor
Associate Professor
WCM 207
Tel: (660)543-8773



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