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Social Gerontology

“Gerontology” is the study of the biological, psychological, and social aspects of human aging, with a focus on later life. As a subfield, “Social Gerontology” is concerned mainly with the social--as opposed to physical or biological--aspects of aging. A broader understanding of Gerontology is critical to meet the needs of a world where more people are living longer than ever before.

This minor will help prepare students to meet increasing needs of aging societies and/or to pursue graduate study in Social Gerontology or related fields. As Social Gerontology is an interdisciplinary course of study, this minor is open to all undergraduate students across the university and includes courses from a variety of disciplines.

Social Gerongology Minor Course Requirements

Required Courses

  • SOC 3854: Generations: Aging in Society
  • SOC 4894: Sociology of Aging
  • One course from the following:
    • CFD 4570: Death, Loss, and Grief across the Lifespan
    • GERO 4854: Death in the Midst of Life
    • NUR 4020: Death and Life

Elective Courses (Choose 2)

  • CFD 3230: Family Systems and Lifespan Development
  • CFD 4260: Adulthood
  • GERO 4814: Issues in Social Gerontology
  • PSY 3220: Life-Span Development
  • PSY 4240: Psychology of Aging
  • SOC 2825: Familes, Homes & Communities
  • SOC 3870: Society & Self
  • SOC 4855: Family Diversity
  • SOC 4870: Gender, Sexuality & Inequality
  • SOC 4875: Medical Sociology
  • SOWK 3612: Human Behavior Across the Lifespan
  • WGS 2000: Intersections: Gender, Race, Class


Dr. Mary Kelly
Professor, Social Gerontology
Martin 236E
Tel: (660) 543-8509


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