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Strategic Communication for Leaders Certificate

Effective communication has never been more important as organizations seek to build and maintain relationships with remote workers and digital consumers. Demonstrate your ability to engage with people when you complete the Strategic Communication for Leaders undergraduate certificate through a combination of in-person and online courses. At the University of Central Missouri, we offer you this unique opportunity to learn from our expert Communication Studies faculty and Dale Carnegie certified trainers. Develop in-demand skills at UCM and receive certifications that give you an edge in a highly competitive workforce.

A unique undergraduate certificate for today’s leaders

Through a partnership with Dale Carnegie — world renowned for professional development training — UCM offers the Strategic Communication for Leaders certificate to help business professionals advance their skills and standing. As an undergraduate student at UCM, you can pair this certificate with your bachelor’s degree to stand out when applying for jobs after graduation. Use your electives for the following majors and others to complete the certificate more quickly:

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of this hybrid program, with a combination of online and in-person courses at any of Dale Carnegie’s facilities — one is as near as Kansas City. You’ll learn to excel in digital and in-person communication in as fast as two semesters.

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Led by Dale Carnegie certified trainers

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Small classes of 15–20 students

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Earn professional certification too

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Finish in as few as two semesters

What you will study

To become a strategic communicator, you’ll learn why — and how — to use certain context, channels and media to reach various audiences. In the process, you’ll develop many skills sought by employers who need critical thinkers, problem solvers and relationship builders at the helm of operations.

You’ll complete two UCM classes exploring topics such as communication theories and methods to measure your digital interactions. You’ll also participate in Dale Carnegie courses such as: 

  • Effective Communication and Human Relations: Build self-confidence while you learn to better interact with — and lead — people. Offered on UCM’s Warrensburg campus and Dale Carnegie training facilities.
  • High-Impact Presentations: Understand how to create and clearly deliver powerful presentations. Available at Dale Carnegie training facilities only.
  • Leadership Training for Managers: Learn to inspire others as you work to overcome organizational challenges and innovate solutions. Available at Dale Carnegie training facilities only, with an additional fee.

A strategic partnership for world-class opportunities

Enjoy the best of both worlds: training at Dale Carnegie and at UCM. Both locations offer highly educated and Dale Carnegie certified trainers.


Excellence in Strategic Communication

  • A Most Popular College for Communication & Journalism (College Factual, 2022)


Unique learning opportunities in strategic communication

At the University of Central Missouri, in partnership with Dale Carnegie, you’ll receive a unique and valuable education, boost your resume and expand your professional network. Complete the  Strategic Communication for Leaders undergraduate certificate to: 

  • Apply your learning: Improve your leadership skills to show genuine interest in other people, facilitate meaningful interactions and give presentations. 
  • Work with actual clients: Enjoy opportunities for client-based projects, such as performing social media audits or creating or assessing crisis communications plans, that demonstrate real-world experience.
  • Network with various professionals: From business professionals to school principals, many roles can benefit from strengthened communication and leadership skills. Meet like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds in courses for your Strategic Communication for Leaders undergraduate certificate. The professional connections you’ll make with peers can open the door to career opportunities — and create long-lasting relationships.
  • Earn an additional certification: Your participation in the Dale Carnegie: Effective Communication and Human Relations course results in a professional credential through this leading organization. Upon completion of all program courses, you’ll also be able to add UCM’s Strategic Communication for Leaders certificate to your resume.


What can you do with a certificate in Strategic Communication for Leaders from UCM?

With a Strategic Communication for Leaders certificate from UCM, you’ll be ready to communicate and lead with confidence — which will be of high value to employers and may qualify you for advanced positions or a promotion. In addition to your new credentials, you’ll add these skills to your resume:

  • Facilitates team engagement
  • Takes a strategic approach to risks
  • Develops communication assessments
  • Analyzes organizational practices
  • Effectively sells ideas
  • Motivates others

Have the support of UCM faculty for your career endeavors

UCM’s Communication Studies faculty — which includes a Dale Carnegie certified trainer — know the value of good communication and leadership. They’ll be there to provide not only curriculum support but also career advice.

Use the interactive tool below to explore the possibilities in strategic communication and leadership.




Financial assistance options for your Strategic Communication for Leaders certificate

Get the training you need at the University of Central Missouri to strengthen communication skills that solidify your standing as a leader in any field. At UCM, our tuition rates are among the nation’s most affordable. We’ve also been recognized by LendEDU for low student debt and offer means to help finance your undergraduate education for degree-seeking students. These include loans, grants, work-study opportunities and scholarships.

What scholarships are available to me?

If you’re pursuing an undergraduate degree alongside the Strategic Communication for Leaders certificate, you may qualify for program-specific scholarships made possible by UCM, alumni and other supporters. Search for opportunities with the UCM Scholarship Finder.



The administration building on the UCM campus


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