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General Aviation Maintenance Transition Certificate 10 878

Transition to Civilian Aviation Maintenance

If served in the United States military as an aviation maintenance technician, as a result of your experience the FAA issued the endorsement to be tested for the FAA Aviation Mechanic Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings. Although you possess the endorsement, you lack the specific civilian aviation maintenance experience required to successfully pass the certification examination. This certificate provides the knowledge and practical experience necessary to bridge the gap from the military aviation maintenance environment to the broad spectrum of civilian aviation maintenance by familiarizing you with the regulations, procedures, technology and processes unique to the civilian aviation industry. You will be required to have documented military training and experience as an aircraft maintenance technician and the FAA-issued endorsement required to take the FAA practical test for the FAA Aviation Mechanic certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings.

General Aviation Maintenance Transition Certificate Plan of Study

Required Courses: 12 Semester Hours

AVIA 1215 - General A&P Applications (3)
AVIA 1218 - FAA Maintenance Regulations (3)

AVIA 1216 - Airframe Applications (3)
AVIA 1217 - Powerplant Applications (3)

Any AVIA elective (3) 


Dr. Terry Hunt
Associate Professor and Chair
T.R. Gaines 210
Tel: (660) 543-4969


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