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Two students exercising in recreation center. One is on an elliptical machine while the other is standing next to the machine with a pad of paper and pen


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Physical Education - Option 3: Fitness/Wellness II Exercise Science BS

Make a Difference in the Health/Wellness of People's Lives

Exercise science is a broad degree that prepares UCM graduates for career opportunities in health, wellness, and fitness (e.g., personal training, strength and conditioning, training for special populations, cardiac rehabilitation, and diabetes education/weight management). The program provides foundational knowledge for attending graduate programs in areas such as Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Athletic Training, and other Kinesiology related fields. Students in this major may choose to work with healthy clients, athletes, those with injuries, or those with special considerations in a clinical environment.

Experiential Learning

At UCM, we believe you learn best by doing. That is why you will receive opportunities to apply your skills before you graduate. Internships, research, and study abroad opportunities are just a few of the options that give you hands-on practice and provide value to your education. Experiential learning can set you apart. Your professors bring a variety of first-hand experience in many facets of health, wellness, and fitness, and can guide you in these areas.


Internship Manual


Excellent Teaching and Research Labs

UCM Exercise Science faculty are dedicated instructors and researchers. We value teaching and student learning. Professors access and readily utilize research grade equipment in your educational experience. You will observe demonstrations of body scans via dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, perform 3D motion analyses, program exercise for clients, and conduct ECG stress tests. When your faculty transition from teaching, they use these same research tools for their scholarly agenda. Students are encouraged to design their own research or assist professors on innovative work.

 Three photos are collaged together where on the left two students are performing a exercise test on another student on a bike, the center reflects a student completing a body composition assessment standing up, and the right is a body composition assessment while laying down.   


Red and black logo describing the exercise science news


UCM was represented well at the Central States ACSM Regional Conference!

Exercise Science Undergraduates and Kinesiology Master's Students represented the University of Central Missouri in their research presentations and quiz bowl engagement. Eric Nehlsen presented his undergraduate research project on muscular endurance between male and female track athletes in both poster and lecture format. Nico Philipp presented his poster on rating of perceived exertion when performing maximal exercise early in the morning versus late at night. Undergraduates Eric Nehlsen, Charles Fox, and Steven Soltysiak finished in the top 5 in the annual Quiz Bowl competition!

This collage depicts two students performing an lower extremity banded exercise on the left, our group of faculty and students standing in two rows on the top right and the bottom right are our three male student quiz bowl participants sitting at a tabletwo independent pictures of the two male undergraduate students standing in fron to ftheir research posters

Student standing to the right of a projector presenting his research with a microphone in his hand


Fall Risk Assessments were a Great Success!

Students in KIN 4341 – Physical Activity and Special Populations assisted with statewide balance screenings during Missouri’s Fall Prevention week, an initiative supported by the Missouri Physical Therapy Association. Faculty and staff were able to receive free balance screenings while students gained hands on experience. Students were supervised by a physical therapist/faculty member in the Kinesiology program.


Collage of students assessing individuals, One student is testing another's single leg balance, another student is testing a male adult that is marching in place, another student is shaking a female faculty member's hand, the last student is assessig his facutly member's blood pressure


More Information

Health, Wellness, & Fitness Careers

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- Kinesiology Masters: Exercise Science, Pedagogy, or Sports Management

- Athletic Training Masters

- Nutrition Masters: Clinical Nutrition or Sport Nutrition


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