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Theatre - Deathtrap

Date and time: Sunday, 2/24/2013
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Highlander Theatre - Martin Building
Description: "Deathtrap" features a once successful playwright of "whodunit" detective stories who is in the grip of chronic writer's block. He spies hope, however, when one of his students sends him a brilliant mystery, which turns him from an angsty flop-merchant into a Connecticut Macbeth. Called, "something so evil that it infects all who touch it," "Deathtrap" combines all the components of a thriller, horror story and a sophisticated farce, including murder, deceit, plot reversals, unexected turns of events, double-crossing characters and meta-theatricality.
Event web site:
Sponsor: Theatre & Dance Department
Admission: $7-$12
Contact: Colette Tilden, Office Professional