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Praxis II Series

Date and time: Saturday, 11/3/2012
8:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Location: W.C. Morris
Description: PRAXIS II Series exams - Session I will be administered in the W. C. Morris Building. Room assignments will be posted to all entrance doors.
***Students with approved accommodations: report to Humphreys 216.

BRING an official ID that contains your photo and your signature. Also bring your PRAXIS II admission ticket.

DESIGNATED LOCATION for personal items: All personal items (cell phones, pencils, food, drink, gum, candy, purses, bags, etc.) must be placed in a designated area within the test room. Neither UCM nor Educational Testing Services is responsible for the damage, loss, theft of items placed in this location. We suggest personal items be locked in the trunk of your vehicle
Sponsor: Testing Services
Admission: An official ID containing both your photo and your signature. PRAXIS Admission Ticket
Contact: Testing Services, Staff