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The Artful Askers Workshop-Building Relationships with Funders, Resources and Donors

Date and time: Thursday, 2/21/2013
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: The StartUp Center
Description: This unique workshop provides technical assistance for capacity-building, fund development, and sustainability empowering nonprofits, community organizations and churches to build relationships with foundations, corporations, individuals, and other funders and access money and other resources following a proven model and process. The workshop covers the psychology of giving, getting ready to receive, sharing your vision in writing with the right people at the right time asking for the right things, gleaning, leveraging, and tracking and utilizing volunteer hours, access to free items, the power of a “thank you” note, and the key--following up/following through whether rejected or approved in building successful relationships with supporters and donors.
Event web site:
Sponsor: Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies
Admission: $49.00
Contact: Donna Chaffee, Office Professional