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Date and time: Saturday, 4/6/2013
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Humphreys 216/CSC - Central Summit Center
Description: General Education Assessment College BASE for General Education Exam at
Central's Summit Center

Priorty seating for this exam will be given to students who take ALL their UCM courses at Central's Summit Center. Seating is limited. A minimum of 5 candidates must register for this exam to be administered at Central's Summit Center.

The General Education Assessment – College BASE for General Education exam assesses the candidate’s knowledge and skills in five areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, and Reasoning (Interpretive, Strategic, and Adaptive).

Advanced registration is preferred. Register online – - select Calendar of Events – select Testing Calendar. Standby testing is not a guaranteed service.

BRING an official ID that contains both your photo and your signature.
Light jacket or sweater as room temperature may vary

Academic dishonesty seriously affects the integrity of your test scores. Consequences for academic dishonesty are a serious matter.

A candidate who chooses to engage in academic dishonesty, to include but not limited to using any electronic device or allowing any electronic device to sound in the test room, will have his/her test voided and the candidate being dismissed from the test room.

A UCM candidate may also be reported for violating UCM’s Academic Dishonesty Policy (Planner / Handbook).

ALL personal belongings (cell phone, pager, bookbag, purse, book, paper, tissue, mechanical pen, coats, food, drink, candy, gum, tobacco, etc.) must be placed in the designated area. The responsibility for items placed in the designated area belongs to the candidate! Neither the University of Central Missouri nor test companies are responsible for the damage, loss, nor theft of personal items placed in the designated area. We recommend you secure your personal items in the locked trunk of your vehicle.
Sponsor: Testing Services
Admission: Photo ID with Signature
Contact: Testing Services, Staff