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Standard 5 & 7 - Learning Interaction and Learning Support

Date and time: Monday, 8/12/2013
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Location: JCKL 2405
Description: There are many theories and opinions about student interaction, but it cannot be argued that without engagement and support, the student is not going to have a very fulfilling experience. Student interaction – whether it is student-teacher, student-content, or student-student is important. TEID has some suggestions on how you can engage your students in an active learning experience. Student Support is also discussed, explaining why it is important that the course support every part of the student, not just his or her technological issues. Presented by Office of Technology Staff.
Online registration: The deadline for online registration has passed. Please use the contact information below for more information.
Sponsor: Office of Technology
Contact: CentralNet, Office