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Date and time: Thursday, 11/14/2013
4:00 PM
Location: Humphreys 216
Description: Advanced Registration is required. To register, go to Testing Services, Humphreys Building, Room 216, to complete and sign a registration application and a score release consent form. The application and consent form will be mailed to the American Design Drafting Association.

If you are a candidate with a documented disability and you want to use test accommodations (extended time, reader, scribe, other), you must inform Testing Services, Humphreys Building, Room 216, at the time you register and have required documentation from the office of accessibility in TS office by Feb. 12, 2013.
To prepare:
Review class notes and textbooks in your field of study.
Look at ADDA Review Guide that is available on ADDA’s website:

Report to: Humphreys Building, Room 216
Arrival Time: No later than 2:45 p.m.
Present a Current/Official Photo I.D. with a signature. Examinees who do not present an official I.D. will not be permitted in the test room.

Please note certain items such as food, gum, candy, drink, and calculators are not permitted in the test room. ALL electronic equipment including cell phones, pagers, alarm watches, PDA’s, etc. must be TURNED OFF and put away while in the test room.
Sponsor: Testing Services
Contact: Testing Services, Staff