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Making eLearning Happen-Texas Style (SoftChalk Webinar)

Date and time: Monday, 10/21/2013
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Location: Dockery 208
Description: Recognizing innovative ways of producing online lessons, this webinar will showcase two examples of Texas colleges who have used eLearning to meet educational needs traditionally addressed through face-to-face instruction. These interactive eLearning modules were made possible by an innovative statewide collaborative Softchalk license that covers all 65 Texas public, community, and technical colleges–provided by the Virtual College of Texas, a Service of the Texas Association of Community Colleges.

Teaching Information Literacy Online helps maximize faculty time with students in the classroom. The challenge faced by Terry Barksdale, head librarian at the Cypress Creek Campus Library, was how to deliver online Information Literacy instruction that would support the variety of multiple disciplines across the curriculum. Terry and one of her colleagues on the IL Team, Ashley Carr, will discuss how her information literacy team developed a high quality online program that not only delivers basic content, but also includes discipline-specific content required by their diverse community college audience.

Meanwhile, at College of the Mainland, Anna Raumaker, Early Learning Consultant, found herself in need of developing an online training curriculum to be used by faculty. In Texas, child care teachers who work with infants and toddlers must receive annual training on brain development and child abuse prevention. Anna will share how she has translated activities, materials and resources from a traditional face-to-face workshop into a comprehensive, portable and interactive, online training module.

Join us for this webinar where Terry and Anna will share their stories of how they used SoftChalk improve the quality of their eLearning programs and enhance their student’s and faculty’s experiences online.

Come join us in Dockery 208 or use the link below to register for a live presentation delivered to your desktop.
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