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Weight Watchers on Campus

Date and time: Thursday, 1/30/2014
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Location: Student Recreation & Wellness Center
Description: This is the time of year when people expectantly ask, "What is your New Year's resolution?" and we feel compelled to come up with something really good in reply. Then we are stuck with lofty and ambitious commitments worthy enough to dedicate an entire year to, but not always so realistic or easy to stick with. This year, Weight Watchers asks that you consider a different kind of big idea and resolve to Start Simple in 2014 with a plan that is aptly named, Simple Start!

Check out your campus Weight Watcher meeting this week!! Weight Watchers meetings every Thursday in the Student Recreation and Wellness Center on campus. Weigh-in begins at 12:00pm, meeting begins at 12:30pm. You can check out the meeting for FREE! If you decide to join, cost is $39.95/month and includes free eTools, mobile app, barcode scanner app and weekly meetings. Monthly Pass sign-up at (Company ID: 56264, Company Passcode: WW56264). For more details or questions, contact Emily Bergsieker or Kim Godfrey We look forward to seeing YOU on Thursday!

So, if you are dreaming of losing weight in 2014, get to a meeting this week and get to know SIMPLE START! I promise you it is truly simple. Are you ready? Let's kick this year off to a GREAT start!
Event web site:
Sponsor: Student Activities
Contact: Emily Bergsieker, Assistant Director of Student Activities