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Date and time: Friday, 5/2/2014
9:00 AM
Location: Humphreys 216
Description: The ePRAXIS Exams will be administered on the Warrensburg Campus in the Testing Office, Humphreys 216.

Items Provided by Testing Services
-Scratch Paper

What TO bring to the PRAXIS Test Room:
- PRAXIS approved ID - official photo I.D. bearing candidate's signature
- PRAXIS admission ticket

What NOT to bring to the PRAXIS Test Room:
- Food, drink, candy, gum, tobacco
- All electronic equipment including cell phone, Blackberry, pager, camera, alarm watch, etc.
- Book, paper, mechanical pencil

Only calculators required and approved by Educational Testing Services for certain subject assessments may be brought to the test room.

*All personal belongings brought to the test room must be placed in the assigned locker in the test room. Neither the University of Central Missouri nor the test companies are responsible for the theft, damage or loss of items.

RECOMMENDATION - We suggest all personal items be left at home or in the trunk of your vehicle.

For PRAXIS test information, visit
Sponsor: Testing Services
Contact: Testing Services, Staff