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Cuban Discovery

Date and time: Friday, 9/5/2014
All day
Location: Cuba
Description: This trip is specially designed to broaden
your understanding of a nation of stark contradictions molded by a turbulent past. Time seems to stand still as you watch vintage 1950s-era automobiles roll along cobbled streets past beautifully
preserved Spanish colonial buildings. As the hub for economic and political heritage, Havana presents an ideal setting to interact with local citizens and uncover new perspectives. You will gain insight into the country’s thriving arts community through discussions with independent artists
and visits to performing arts schools and studios. You’ll also journey beyond the spirited capital to fertile tobacco and sugar cane fields that permeate the countryside revealing a glimpse into rural
Cuban life. Along the southern coastline, you’ll visit the beautifully preserved colonial cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos—both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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Sponsor: Alumni Relations
Admission: Starting at $4,899.00
Contact: Johnna Ingham, Office Professional