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Office of Admissions

Ward Edwards 1400
Warrensburg, MO 64093
phone: 1-877-729-8266

UCM Calculators

Semester GPA Calculator
This program allows you to calculate your semester grade point average (GPA). You will need to know how many classes you took for the semester, the grades you made/intend to make in those classes, and the number of credit hours that each class is worth. This calculator simply shows what your semester GPA will be, not your cumulative GPA.

Target GPA Calculator
This program is designed to allow you to input a target GPA for graduation. You will need you current GPA and the number of credits you have taken. You will also need the number of credits you have left to take.

Cost of Attendance
This calculator allows you to select variables including residency, number of credit hours, scholarships, and financial aid to determine an estimated cost of attending the University of Central Missouri.