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School of English and Philosophy


The School of English and Philosophy provides students with the solid foundations necessary for academic growth and success.

If you’re interested in reading literature, enjoy writing, fascinated with the study of language, love discussing the “big questions” about life, or want to hone your skills in logic and argumentation, you will find a welcome home in our department. You will work closely with faculty who are dedicated teacher-scholars with expertise in their fields coupled with a passion for teaching.

Whether you choose one of our graduate programs or one of our majors or minors, you will find programs that are structured to foster a deep understanding and appreciation for your particular area of study and to develop the skills that are most sought after by today’s employers, specifically the ability to write well, read analytically, and to think critically.

Careers for Our Students

You may be reluctant to follow your passion because of perceived difficulties for students majoring in English or Philosophy to find a successful career. Our students not only have gone on to become educators, but also have also achieved success in a variety of career fields. Our alumni have pursued graduate school in a number of fields and have attained careers in marketing, technical writing, editing, law, public relations, and information technology. Thus, our programs provide you the skills to succeed in a range of careers. Furthermore, our Creative Writing and Technical Writing minors provide internship opportunities, so that you will leave UCM with marketable skills and a portfolio to prove it. Our faculty encourage you to pursue your passion but also help you to transform that passion into a rewarding career.


Dr. Marc Joseph
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