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School of English and Philosophy

School of

English & Philosophy


The School of English and Philosophy provides students with foundations for intellectual growth, academic excellence and professional success.

Cultivate a passion for literature, a desire to express yourself in writing or an interest in exploring the "big questions" about life and the universe by becoming a student in the School of English and Philosophy. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs in which you work closely with dedicated teacher-scholars to develop your ability to think critically, read analytically and write with precision and style.

Careers for Our Students

Because the jobs that exist today are not the jobs that will exist in five, ten or twenty years, employers want to hire and promote people who can think, write and continue to learn throughout their lives. Our students find opportunities in fields including business, information technology, technical writing and teaching, and they are prepared to flourish professionally over the course of their careers.

Get the right start in our Creative Writing or Technical Writing programs, and do an internship that equips you with immediately marketable skills and a portfolio to prove it. Study TESL and prepare to teach English to non-native speakers here in the U.S. or abroad. Become a high school English teacher and work with young people to build a better tomorrow. Study with us, and we will help you realize your future.


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Dr. Marc Joseph
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Tel: (660) 543-8696

Ms. Patrice Harris, MA
Office Professional
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Tel: (660) 543-4425


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