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Dr. Isaac Bickmore | Music Education


Dr. Isaac Bickmore
Assistant Professor

Music Education
Location/Building: Hud 105
(660) 543-4160


Isaac Bickmore is Assistant Professor of Music Education at UCM. He is a music educator, researcher, narrativist, entrepreneur and interdisciplinarian. He taught kindergarten through 8th grade general music and choir for five years with an emphasis on project-based learning, multimedia performances, and collaboration with classroom teachers.

He holds a Ph.D. in music education from Arizona State University. During his time at ASU he was able to focus on technologically mediated musical engagement and learning as the teacher of the Digital Hybrid Lab for five semesters. His research interests include student-centered learning, project-based learning, critical pedagogy, narrative inquiry, popular music in the lives of adolescents, popular music in young adult literature, and technologically mediated musical engagement. He has co-written two book chapters about popular music in young adult literature.

He was the CEO of a grant-winning startup called Groovebotics, which aimed to make programmable robots to help kids learn basic principles of coding through creative musical play. Isaac used the money from the grant to carry out a robot film festival project at an elementary school in Scottsdale, Arizona. Third graders wrote, produced, and coded robots in their very own movies. They also wrote the film score using iPads.

At UCM he engages undergraduates and master’s students in a variety of educative experiences including projects involving musical coding, ukulele jams and play-along videos, and writing interactive children’s musicals. He teaches elementary and secondary general music courses, music technology courses and rock ‘n’ roll history. He also facilitates the New Technology Ensemble. Isaac enjoys making things out of cardboard for his kids, making couch forts and watching movies. He wants to build a go kart. He and his wife Lesley have two wonderful boys, William and Van.


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