Collaboration Zone

Comfort, Convenience, Collaboration

The Collaboration Zone (CZ) is located in Lovinger 2180, across from the stairwell on the north end of the Lovinger building. Established with funds from the College of Education, the CZ provides a comfortable location for you to study or hang out and socialize. The booths provide excellent places for groups to meet to work on projects. The lounge chairs are perfect for those times when you need a place to sit and read before class. There are also multiple resources available for use to help you make the most of assignments and projects.

How Can We Help YOU?

Color Printing

Students can print up to 10 pages per student/group per day for free! This includes full color printing to help your project really stand out. We can even print on colored paper!

Presentation/Project Resources

Why turn in plain paper printouts when you can make your presentations and projects remarkable? Our laminator, binding machine, straight line paper cutter, shape die-cutter, and other resources are available for students to use inside the CZ. We also have other supplies available for use, such as markers, colored pencils, crayons, colored paper, rulers, scissors, and more.

iPads and Laptops

Students can borrow iPads and Laptops for use while you're in the CZ. Perfect for those times when you left your own device at home and find yourself with a little bit of time to get some work done. Also great for working together on group projects. 

Students in the Teacher Education Programs can check-out and return iPads issued by the College of Education. New users will be required to attend a workshop here at the CZ on using the iPad before they can be issued. At the current time, undergraduate students who are obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) are eligible to borrow an iPad to use in their coursework. The goal is that these students will have experiences in a 1-1 device environment and learn the value of integrating instructional technology in the classroom.

Transformational Learning Initiative

 In 2014, UCM’s College of Education initiated the Transformational Learning Initiative (TLI) to bring new levels of educational technology into the learning environment. 500 iPads were assigned to teacher-candidates. 60 faculty were trained in integrating educational technology and 15 professional development sessions were held. As the Initiative moved into its second year, similar professional development workshops were offered for all UCM faculty. The TLI provides support and tools for faculty to be successful in engaging students through innovative uses of educational technology in their classroom.

The Transformational Learning Initiative seeks to meet the following goals:

  • Altering the teaching-learning environment to be more powerful and engaging
  • Remaining current with the students’ technology-driven culture
  • Giving future teachers the opportunities to integrate instructional technology in the classroom
  • Striving to create experiences in the classroom that are above the SAMR line of technology integration
  • Spreading the mantra of “student engagement” across campus and encourage instructors in all disciplines to incorporate engaging instructional technology

CZ Questions?

Charlene Atkins
CZ Coordinator
Lov 2135
Tel: (660) 543-8586


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