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School of Professional Education and Leadership

Student-Focused Faculty

You’ll learn from a dynamic and diverse full-time faculty who have years of experience in their respective fields. Through small class sizes, you’ll get to know these outstanding teachers and scholars. You can count on them to mentor and guide you — at UCM and well into your future career. You are invited to explore the program areas and discover the various degree programs you need to be an effective educator. You’ll gain the essential skills and knowledge to help you compete in an increasingly diverse, technological, and global society. UCM has the student support services in place to ensure your success. 





School Faculty

Career and Technical Education

Mrs. Lori Cochran Assistant Professor Grin 235 A 660-543-4887 cochran@ucmo.edu
Dr. Michelle Conrad* Assistant Professor Lov 4112 660-543-4332 mconrad@ucmo.edu
Ms. Kelly Edmondson Assistant Professor Lov 3134 660-543-8752 edmondson@ucmo.edu
Mr. Michael Elliott Assistant Professor Grin 212 660-543-4458 melliott@ucmo.edu
Mrs. Krystle Gremaud* Assistant Professor Lov 4104 660-543-4647 kgremaud@ucmo.edu
Ms. Shelly Sadler Instructor Lov 3136 660-543-8898 sadler@ucmo.edu
Dr. Larae Watkins* Assistant Professor Grin 221 573-370-7245 lwatkins@ucmo.edu

 * Program Coordinator

Dr. Conrad - Graduate Programs

Mrs. Gremaud - Bachelor of Science in Education

Dr. Watkins - Occupational Education and TAC/CTAC

College Student Personnel Administration

Dr. Robert Bowman* Associate Professor Lov 4114 660-543-8628 rbowman@ucmo.edu

* Program Coordinator

Counselor Education

Dr. Nancy Forth* Professor Lov 1338 660-543-8093 nforth@ucmo.edu
Dr. Amber Lancaster Assistant Professor Lov 1336 660-543-4142 lancaster@ucmo.edu
Dr. Lucy Phillips Assistant Professor Lov 1334 660-543-8204 lphillips@ucmo.edu

* Program Coordinator

Education Administration

Dr. Mark Enderle Assistant Professor MIC 816-863-2557 enderle@ucmo.edu
Dr. Sandy Hutchinson Professor Lov 4108 660-543-4720 hutchinson@ucmo.edu
Dr. Barbara Martin Professor MIC 816-830-3904 bmartin@ucmo.edu
Dr. Bryan McDonald Assistant Professor Lov 4110 816-806-1332 bmcdonald@ucmo.edu
Dr. Henry Russell Associate Professor MIC 816-809-5715 hrussell@ucmo.edu
Dr. Doug Thomas* Professor Lov 4106 660-543-8834 thomas@ucmo.edu

* Program Coordinator

Education Technology

Dr. Zinna Bland Professor Lov 4107 660-543-8615 bland@ucmo.edu
Dr. Shantia Kerr Sims* Associate Professor Lov 4111 660-543-4795 skerr@ucmo.edu
* Program Coordinator

Educational Psychology

Dr. Nicole Nickens Professor Lov 1003 660-543-4023 nickens@ucmo.edu
Dr. Alex Pagnani* Associate Professor Lov 2204 660-543-4267 pagnani@ucmo.edu
* Lead Faculty

Library Science Education

Ms. René Burress* Assistant Professor Lov 4116 A 660-543-4910 burress@ucmo.edu
Ms. Sandra Jenkins Instructor JCKL 1236 660-543-8969 sjenkins@ucmo.edu
Dr. Jenna Kammer Assistant Professor Lov 4116 C 660-543-8879 jkammer@ucmo.edu
* Program Coordinator

FCS Workshops

New This Year: FCS Teacher Workshops!

Career Pathways for the Teaching Profession

  • October 10 & 11
  • Jefferson City @ Best Western

Fashion: Sustainability and Branding with Technology

  • November 1
  • Warrensburg @ UCM

Cooking Gluten-Free: Why and How

  • November 2
  • Warrensburg @ UCM

Sew with Confidence: Learning the Basics for YOUR Classroom

  • April 9 & 10
  • Warrensburg @ UCM

Career Pathways for the Teaching Profession

  • May 19 & 20
  • Jefferson City @ Best Western

Registration information coming soon, watch this space!

Be a School or Community Leader

Our advanced degrees and graduate certificates can help you continue developing your teaching, community, or administration leadership skils. Expand your horizons in programs that include our innovative Collaborative Principal Preparation Program (CPPP) for secondary school principals. Stay on the cutting edge of education with our instructional technology program, designed to increase the skills of directors and coaches. Engage in career and community counseling with the support of stand-alone principal cohorts in your region. Work toward professional certification as a Special Education or Career and Technical Education director. 

PLTW Grad Credit

PLTW Core Training Institute (Graduate Credit Only)

UCM offers Graduate credit for educators completing PLTW Core Training Institute (CTI) requirements. These courses are only offered during the summer semester. All PLTW CTI courses are only $120/credit hour!

What is PLTW?

The Engineering and Technology Teacher Education Program within the School of Professional Education and Leadership in the College of Education is nationally certified to provide pre-service training for technology education majors in the internationally acclaimed secondary engineering education program, PLTW. The University of Central Missouri and Purdue University were the first institutions to meet the rigorous requirements for this certification. Upon graduation, students meeting the program requirements will be certificated to teach PLTW courses anywhere in the United States, Virgin Islands, and American Samoa. Graduates will still need to be licensed in the state they will teach.

PLTW, a not-for-profit educational organization, provides a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare a diverse group of students to be successful in science, engineering and engineering technology. High school students successfully completing PLTW courses and passing the national college exams have the potential for earning undergraduate university credits through our office of Extended Studies.

What is Required for Graduate Credit?

We require a graduate level paper to be written and submitted to obtain graduate university credit (yes, that means one paper per course). A rubric for that paper is included in the materials packet for each course. Enrollment for PLTW Graduate Credit will not be processed until all required documents are submitted, including the paper, and only during summer semesters. All required items must be in our office no later than close of business on the last day of the summer semester (Thursday, August 2, 2018) to allow time to review items before grades submission deadlines.

Please do not send payment with your materials. Instructions for payment methods will be provided once you are enrolled. 

If you missed enrollment for Summer 2018, please contact the School at 660-543-4452 or clements@ucmo.edu to investigate other enrollment opportunities. 

Please check back here for next year's enrollment packets starting in May 2019. Packets will include a PDF file that contains an information sheet, enrollment application, course syllabus, and the rubric for the required graduate-level paper. If you will be applying for more than one course, you may combine the enrollment applications but you must submit separate support documents for each course, include a separate paper for each course.  

Achieve Beyond Your Master's Degree

If you want to work beyond a Master's degree, our Education Specialist (EdS) degrees can help you meet your personal and professional goals. If you want to work beyond the EdS, our Coorperative Doctoral program provides the courses and collaboration you need to reach your degree goals.

Education Specialist

Coorperative Doctoral Degree

EdS to EdD Bridge Program (coming soon!)

  • P-20 and Community Leadership, EdD (in collaboration with Murray State University, Kentucky)

Non-Degree Seeking Certification Students

Non-CTE Fields

UCM offers many pathways to certification. For more information on Alternative Pathways to Certification for fields outside of Career and Technical Education, please contact our Office of Clinical Services and Certification.

Traditional Pathway to CTE Temporary Authorization Certificate (TAC)

UCM offers all of the courses needed to fulfill the Temporary Authorization Certificate (TAC) requirements set by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) for Missouri Educator Certification in CTE career fields. The TAC is a one-year, renewable certificate for educators who have already been hired by a school district. Our courses meet the certification requirements and can be taken at either the Graduate or Undergraduate level. They can also be later applied toward a Bachelor’s, Certificate, or Master’s degree at the University of Central Missouri.

CTTE Cohort Program Pathway

The Career & Technical Teacher Educator (CTTE) program was developed in coordination with Career Center Directors to create alternative certification courses which are integrated, rigorous, and relevant for new Career & Technical teachers. These courses build on the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) research based Teaching to Lead program. Each course is taught in an 8-week hybrid format (face-to-face and online) with varying course credit hours. Each blends objectives from foundations of education, teaching methods, curriculum development, assessment, and education of the exceptional child. The new model integrates the objectives as teachers do in the classroom. Participants choosing to be involved should note that this is a comprehensive program, not individual courses, so candidates will be committing to the full two years in the program. New sections begin each fall, with time and meeting locations determined by participant location. These courses can be used to continue on toward a Bachelor’s, Certificate, or Master’s degree at the University of Central Missouri. 



UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


The Business Education program is endorsed by the National Business Education Association


The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs has accredited the Counselor Education Program (Masters degrees for School and Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentrations) for an eight-year period with conditions through October 31, 2026

Best Masters Logo

The Educational Technology MS has been designated as one of the 50 Best Master’s in Educational Technology Degrees for 2017


The Engineering and Technology Teacher Education program is the only university in Missouri recognized by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association


The Family Consumer Sciences program is nationally accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences


The Library Science program has been nationally recognized by the American Association of School Librarians

OnlineU Logo

Our Library Science program has been designated as one of the 2018 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Library Science Degrees by OnlineU


"The faculty and staff at UCM have provided me with the background, experience, and confidence to pursue multiple opportunities. After completion of my BSE in FACS followed by my  MSE in school administration, I have chosen to continue my education through the cooperative doctoral program in educational leadership and policy analysis and call UCM my home while working with other professionals across the state."



Barton Washer
Lovinger 4102
Tel: 660-543-4580


Rachel Clements
Office Professional IV
Lovinger 4101
Tel: 660-543-4452



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