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School of Teaching and Learning

Make a Difference in Children’s Lives

The School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Central Missouri prepares you to make a difference in the lives of children. You’ll learn how to provide instruction that effectively meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds with unique learning strengths and needs. You’ll learn how to use technology to enhance teaching and learning, and you’ll become a UCM educator—a competent, caring, reflective practitioner committed to the premise that all can learn.






School Faculty

Early Childhood Education

Dr. Karen Loman Assistant Professor Lov 3184 660-543-8701
Ms. Lea Porta Instructor Lov 3360 660-543-4235
Dr. Karrie Snider Assistant Professor Lov 3340 660-543-8658
Dr. Natalie Tye* Assistant Professor Lov 3182 660-543-4787
Dr. Carla Williams Assistant Professor Lov 3330 660-543-8725

* Program Coordinator

Elementary Education

Mrs. Meredith Beggs Instructor Lov 3370 660-543-8673
Dr. Angela Danley Associate Professor Lov 3183 660-543-8657
Mrs. Susan Diekmann Instructor Lov 3186 660-543-8725
Mrs. Libby Dierking Instructor Lov 3187 660-543-8414
Mrs. Carol Dunn Instructor Lov 3134 660-543-4235
Ms. Donna Fizer Instructor Lov 3360 660-543-4235
Mrs. Angela Gilbert Instructor Lov 3188 660-543-4235
Mrs. Linda Glasgow Instructor Lov 3136 660-543-4235
Dr. Julie Hentges* Professor Lov 3185 660-543-8659
Dr. Kristina Schuler Assistant Professor Lov 3340 660-543-4235
Mrs. Lesi Smart Instructor Lov 3181 660-543-8923

* Program Coordinator

Educational Foundations

Mrs. Chalice Jeffries Instructor Lov 2208 660-543-4150
Dr. Mark Lee* Assistant Professor Lov 2100 C 660-543-8278
Mr. Gregg Montgomery Assistant Professor Lov 2100 A 660-543-8246

* Program Coordinator

Literacy Education

Dr. Phillis Aaberg Assistant Professor Lov 3020 660-543-8352
Dr. Michelle Amos Assistant Professor Lov 2136 660-543-4997
Dr. Dawna Lisa Butterfield Professor Lov 2134 660-543-8641
Ms. Morgan Ely Instructor Lov 2131 660-543-4575
Dr. Daniel Gilhooly Assistant Professor Lov 2137 660-543-4285
Dr. Matt Thomas* Professor Lov 2133 660-543-8729

* Program Coordinator

Master of Arts in Teaching

Dr. Charlene Atkins* Assistant Chair Lov 2135 660-543-8586
Dr. Terrell Brown Associate Professor Lov 3030 660-543-8466
Dr. Yuankun Yao Professor Lov 3132 660-543-4748
* Program Coordinator

Middle School Education

Dr. Joanie Hartnett* Associate Professor Lov 2100 B 660-543-8273
Ms. Christi Richardson Instructor Lov 2100 D 660-543-8387
* Program Coordinator

Physical Education

Dr. Kenneth Bias* Professor NM 101 660-543-4256
Dr. Dennis Docheff Professor MOR 130 660-543-4146
Dr. Brandy Lynch Assistant Professor MOR 134 660-543-4256
Dr. Brad Mears Professor MOR 128 660-543-8189
* Program Coordinator

Special Education

Dr. Theresa Earles-Vollrath Professor Lov 4134 660-543-8702
Ms. Lana Hopping Instructor Lov 4132 660-429-2944
Dr. Jerry Neal Professor Lov 4136 660-543-8497
Dr. Kaye Otten Adjunct Lov 4132 660-543-8705
Dr. Lisa Robbins* Associate Professor Lov 4138 660-543-8756
* Program Coordinator

THRIVE Program

Through the THRIVE Program, the University of Central Missouri prepares students with disabilities to transition to independent living and find employment that fits their individual goals and abilities. During the two-year program, students are required to live on the UCM campus. They work on improving their academic abilities and peer interactions while learning computer and job skills. They also participate in career-focused internships. THRIVE graduates earn a Certificate of Success along with a personal portfolio. Some students may go on to earn a degree at UCM with the proper student support services in place for their success.

For more information, please visit the THRIVE Program's main page.




UCM is the longest continuously CAEP accredited public institution in Missouri


The Business Education program is endorsed by the National Business Education Association


The Engineering and Technology Teacher Education program is the only university in Missouri recognized by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association

ILA Logo

The Literacy program is nationally recognized by the International Literacy Association and is based on the ILA Standard for Reading Professionals


 The Mathematics Education program is accredited by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


The Middle School Education program has been nationally recognized by the Association of Middle Level Education


The Science Education programs are recognized by National Association of Science Teachers


The Social Studies Education program is nationally accredited by the National Council for the Social Studies

CEC Logo

The Special Education program is nationally recognized by the Council for Exceptional Children, the leading advocacy organization for special education in the country.


The Speech Communication and Theatre Education program is nationally accredited by the National Association for Schools of Theatre



"I really enjoyed the block class format. It introduced me to the teaching profession and got me into the classroom right away. The faculty are very welcoming, supportive, and willing to answer all of my questions. They definitely want to see me succeed and apply classroom lessons to field work."



Ann McCoy
Lovinger 3155
Tel: (660) 543-4235



Julie Batusic
Office Professional IV
Lovinger 3155
Tel: 660-543-4235



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