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Physical Education

As a graduate of the physical education program you will appreciate and instill the values of a healthy lifestyle into the lives of others. Gain practical skill-sets associated with coursework that provide real-life experiences. Improve the quality of life for others by encouraging them to engage in healthy choices and behaviors through education.

Physical education graduates from UCM have a placement rate of more than a 90 percent in public and private schools.

Multiple Degree Options to Choose From

Elementary-Secondary (K-12) Certification Education

Why Elementary-Secondary (K-12) Certification Education?

By pursuing Elementary-Secondary (K-12) Physical Education Certification, you will be prepared to teach children in kindergarten through 12th grade from diverse backgrounds with unique learning strengths and challenges. With a focus on helping children and young adults prepare for a lifetime of participation in the physical activities they enjoy, you will learn how to effectively implement instruction using a wide variety of approaches. You also will learn how to use technology to enhance teaching and learning. You will become a part of the next generation of proud UCM physical educators who are highly sought out by school districts as the best prepared teachers in the field.

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Adapted Sport Education

Why Adapted Sport Education?

By pursing a major in Adapted Sport Education, you will be prepared to work in areas dealing with teaching and coaching of adapted sports. Many graduates of this degree choose to further their education through graduate studies in a variety of fields. Become a member of one of the largest growing fields in movement education on the world today. 

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Sports & Recreation Education

Why Sports & Recreation Education?

By pursing a major in Sports & Recreation Education, you will be prepared to work in areas dealing with teaching and coaching in recreational sports environments. You will also gain the opportunity to go on to further education by pursuing a graduate degree. The world of recreational adult and youth sports continues to grow across the country. You will be trained to work in these areas and be able to have a career making a difference in the world.

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Physical Education, MS

Graduate Degree in Physical Education

In addition  to offering options within the undergraduate degree, our Phsyical Education program is please to announce that our graduate degree has been renamed and now has two options of its own. To learn more about our MS in Physical Education, please visit the link below.

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Program Coordinator

Kenneth Bias
North Morrow 101
Tel: (660) 543-4256



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