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Special Education

The special education programs at the University of Central Missouri are truly among the best higher education values in the entire United States. 

A Long, Proud History

The Special Education programs at UCM began in the late 1960’s, and graduates of the program are highly sought after for their, knowledge, skills, and professional expertise in working with individuals with special needs in a variety of settings and capacities. 

Who are Special Educators?

Special Educators are highly trained professionals who provide specifically designed instruction and services to children and youth with disabilities. They are:

  • creative problem solvers
  • masters of learning styles and teaching strategies
  • team players
  • lifelong learners
  • prepared to meet the challenges of their profession with confidence and enthusiasm

Where Do Special Educators Work?

Special education teachers work in a variety of settings, including public schools, state-operated schools for students with developmental disabilities, hospitals, daycare centers, vocational settings, residential facilities, and other settings where individuals with special needs require expert assistance and support. In today’s school settings, individuals with special needs are increasingly being educated with typically-developing peers rather than in isolated or segregated settings. Special educators are doing their best to make all individuals, regardless of needs, part of the mainstream framework of living and learning in local communities and schools.

Occupational Outlook

The need for highly qualified special education teachers is increasing as never before. The last two decades has been a period of critical shortage of special education teachers across the United States. It is estimated that the United States will need an additional 15,000 teachers per year over the next several years to meet the needs of the ever-growing population of special needs children entering America’s schools. Anyone pursuing a career in this area of professional preparation will have little difficulty finding rewarding employment after graduation.

Degrees in Special Education

We offer an array of programs that will meet your needs in the special education profession. Explore our degree options to learn more about opportunities in special education:

Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate Minors

Graudate Degree

Graduate Certificate

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