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Dr. Sally Zellers


Sally Zellers, PhD

WCM 108
(660) 543-8930

Dr. Zellers holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. She has held a variety of positions in industry and teaching (secondary/post-secondary), enabling her to bring "real world" experiences into the classroom. Research interests include marine geology - using fossil remains of foraminifera and other marine microorganisms to gain insight into the geologic history of sediments in the Gulf of Alaska, geoscience education, and research into improving Earth Science literacy.


New Research Demonstrates the Impact of Sediment and Meltwater on Glacier Movement

New research by UCM's Dr. Sally Zellers working with Dr. Ellen Cowan, of Appalachian State University, demonstrated the impact of sediment and meltwater on the movement of glaciers. This research was published in the article titled, "Sediment controls dynamic behavior of a Cordilleran Ice Stream at the Last Glacial Maximum," in the April 2020 edition of the journal, Nature Communications. See the UCM announcement:


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