Dr. Ahmad Rawashdeh


Dr. Ahmad Rawashdeh

Assistant Professor
Computer Science
MIC D162
(660) 543-6623

Research Areas: Social Network, Machine Learning, Semantic, Programming Languages

Dr. Rawashdeh has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati in 2015. His Master and Bachelor degrees are in Computer Science from Jordan University of Science and Technology. He has been working at the University of Central Missouri since his graduation. During his working period at UCM, he has taught, mainly, several graduate courses such as Compiler Design and Construction, Database, Advanced Algorithm, Advanced Application programming in C#, and Object Oriented. He worked as a TA and grader before graduating from UC. He is a member of UPE and he is actively connecting with students on social media.

Dr. Rawashdeh developed a variety of projects including: a Java Parser (for his teaching), common Arabic errors corrector (Microsoft Office Add-in using C#), Interactive Dijkstra (using C#), Google Search Result Downloader (using Google Web Service), Dot Net crawlers for building datasets (for research), and several others. Additionally, along with one of his former students at UCM, he developed a Facebook application that uses the Facebook API.

Dr. Rawashdeh has published several publications in a number of conferences including MAICS 2015, IPMU 2014, DCCA 2007 and one held in Romania.  He served as a program committee for the following conferences CCSEA 2017, CSEA 2017, ACSIT 2017, AIRCC 2017, and as a reviewer for one journal. He presented one paper at MAICS 2015, one at IPMU 2014, another at DCCA 2007 and gave some presentations.


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