Dr. Fei Cao


Dr. Fei Cao

Assistant Professor
Computer Science
WCM 205A
(660) 543-8839

Research Areas: High Performance Computing, Distributed Systems, Gaming

Dr. Cao received her B.S. degree in Software Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2007 and M.S. degree in Computer Science from California State University Fullerton in 2009. She received her Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2014. Her research is concerned with high performance computing, distributed systems, and gaming. She was a Research Assistant in the High Performance Networking and Distributed Computing Lab (HPNDC) during her Ph.D. study, and her research work was supported by research grants from the Department of Energy (DOE). Dr. Cao has published 20 peer-reviewed research articles in highly reputed conference proceedings, journals, and books. She has also served as a peer reviewer for many journals and international conferences.


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