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Dr. David Ewing


Dr. David Ewing

Mathematics Education
WCM 117
(660) 543-8710

Research Areas: Teaching Geometry in grades 6-16, Using Technology in the Teaching/Learning of Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Cognitive Learning

Before receiving his Ph.D. in Mathematics with an emphasis in Mathematics Education and an additional B.S. in psychology and becoming an associate professor of mathematics education, Dr. Ewing spent almost 10 years in Middle and High Schools teaching in the areas of mathematics, chemistry, physics, general science, and computer programming. He has served as Regional Science Academy Director, Vice President of Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and has supervised nearly 200 student teachers in math and science. In 2014, Dr. Ewing was named “Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year” for the State of Missouri.  Since 1994, he has served as the chief sponsor for Central Missouri Mathematics Educators, a UCM organization that supports future math teachers.


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