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School of Natural Sciences


The School of Natural Sciences prepares students for a variety of exciting careers.

The curriculum in the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Central Missouri is designed with core competencies that will provide you with a knowledge base of scientific principles and methodologies and broad course offerings that provide integration, in-depth study, and an opportunity for specialization within the different degree emphases. Because of the diversity of programs and the wide range of career options, faculty advisors assist you in designing an academic program to prepare you for a specific career path or further study at graduate or professional schools.


Student centered hands-on learning opportunities

Agriculture student at farm

Agriculture Program

Our outstanding facilities include two university farms designed for both interactive labs and student projects, a greenhouse/nursery complex, and an open computer lab. Hands-on experience is essential in agricultural study, and as a student in our program, you will have ample opportunity to gain that experience.

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Student working in research lab

Biology Program

We foster scientific literacy through field and laboratory experiences, classroom activities, and seminars. You will have the opportunity to actively engage with faculty and assist in areas of research suitable to their scientific interests. 

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Students in chemistry lab

Chemistry Program

Highly skilled faculty, newly renovated classroom and research laboratories, a strong emphasis on undergraduate research, and the chance to engage in social and academic activities through the student chapter of the American Chemical Society are just a few of the amazing opportunities awaiting you.

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Numerous scholarships are available specifically for science and agriculture majors.  In addition, there are paid opportunities to work as an undergraduate lab assistant.  For a full list of scholarships visit

Research Opportunities

UG Research Office

Our faculty are actively engaged in research and work with both undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduate students may apply for research funding through the Undergraduate Scholars Grant. If you are interested in becoming involved with research as an undergraduate, please begin the process by contacting a faculty member to serve as a research mentor. Our faculty members share their research interests on their faculty pages. Please use the link above to learn more about the Undergraduate Scholars Grant.

Honors College

You have access to dedicated funding for research and/or creative activities undertaken in conjunction with your Honors Project. Additionally, you are encouraged to attend the “Developing an Honors Project” session each fall and spring semester. 

All Honors College students in good academic standing are eligible for up to $1000 in allowable and justified expenses essential to the successful execution of the project. Please note that this amount is contingent upon university budget allocations and subject to change.

For additional details, take a look at our FAQs.

Faculty and Staff

School of Natural Sciences

Scott Lankford, Ph.D.

Chair, Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-8827
Office: WC Morris 306A

Glenda Carmack

Office Professional Phone: 660-543-4933
Office: WC Morris 306


Name Title Contact
Shirin Ghatrehsamani, Ph.D Field Specialist in Ag Engineering Phone: 660-543-4908
Office: Grinstead 120E
Mark Goodwin, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-8113
Office: Grinstead 130A
Mike Keilholz Instructor, Agriculture Education Phone: 660-543-4519
Office: AMT 102
Kyle Lovercamp Ph.D. Associate Professor, Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8094
Office: Grinstead 126C
Mr. Brandon Nevils Farm Coordinator

Phone: 660-262-8405
Office: AMT 102

Sushil Thapa, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Phone: 660-543-8596
Office: Grinstead 126A


Name Title Contact
Mo Basir, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Science Education Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8853
Office: WC Morris 116M
Sang-wook Cha, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-4976
Office: WC Morris 206A
Justin Chapman, D.C. Instructor, RadTech/MLS Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8861
Office: WC Morris 303
Amy Desaulniers, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-4467
Office: WC Morris 319C
Kurt Dean, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Ecology Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8095
Office: WC Morris 319A
Joseph Ely, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-8785
Office: WC Morris 116G
Aaron Geheber, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-8291
Office: WC Morris 111
William Kirby Microbiology Technician Phone: 660-543-8287
Office: WC Morris 314A
Daniel Marschalek Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-8880
Office: WC Morris 319B
Daniel Metcalf Animal Facility Manager/Physiology Technician Phone: 660-543-8802
Office: WC Morris 019
Jennifer Mittelhauser Instructor, Ecology Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8877
Office: WC Morris 230C
Selene Nikaido, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Life Science Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-4324
Office: WC Morris 315A
Anna Oller, Ph.D. Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-4934
Office: WC Morris 312
Dawn Pauling Instructor Phone: 660-543-8027
Office: WC Morris 230B
Jay Raveill, Ph.D. Professor Phone: 660-543-8812
Office: WC Morris 307
Parker Stuart, Ph.D. Instructor Phone: 660-543-4308
Office: WC Morris 300
Beverly Tanui Instructor Phone: 660-543-4282
Office: WC Morris 206D
Dana Tucker, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-8997
Office: WC Morris 304
Daniel Wolcott, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-4238
Office: WC Morris 319D


Name Title Contact
Mandy Blackburn, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-8704
Office: WC Morris 409B
Andrea Carter Instructor Phone: 660-543-4949
Office: WC Morris 409E
Jason Holland, Ph.D. Professor, Chemistry Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8714
Office: WC Morris 406B
Innocent Pumure, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-4143
Office: WC Morris 409D
Somnath Sarkar, Ph.D. Professor Phone: 660-543-8745
Office: WC Morris 417C
Jay Steinkruger, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-4432
Office: WC Morris 409F
Sayema Tuli, Ph.D. Instructor Phone: 660-543-4455
Office: WC Morris 401
David Weinmann Technician Phone: 660-543-4136
Office: WC Morris 413
Cathy Welsh Chemical Stock Room Manager Phone: 660-543-8743
Office: WC Morris 410
Chen Zhou, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-4318
Office: WC Morris 409C



A student-centered program which integrates excellent teaching, research, scholarship, and service to prepare for future success.




School Chair

Dr. Scott Lankford
School of Natural Sciences
WCM 306A
Tel: (660) 543-8827
Fax: (660) 543-4355

Office Professional

Glenda Carmack
School of Natural Sciences
WCM 306
Tel: (660) 543-4933
Fax: (660) 543-4355


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