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School of Natural Sciences

The School of Natural Sciences prepares students for a variety of exciting careers.






Faculty and Staff

School of Natural Sciences

Scott Lankford, Ph.D.

Chair, Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-8827
Office: WC Morris 306A
Email: lankford@ucmo.edu

Glenda Carmack

Office Professional Phone: 660-543-4933
Office: WC Morris 306
Email: gcarmack@ucmo.edu


Name Title Contact
Anil Giri, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Phone: 660-543-8596
Office: Grinstead 126C
Email: giri@ucmo.edu

Mark Goodwin, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-8113
Office: Grinstead 130A
Email: sgoodwin@ucmo.edu
Travis Hume Farm Manager Phone: 660-543-4920
Office: AMT 101
Email: thume@ucmo.edu
Mike Keilholz Instructor, Agriculture Education Phone: 660-543-4519
Office: AMT 102
Email: keilholz@ucmo.edu
Fanson Kidwaro, Ph.D. Professor, Program Coordinator

Phone: 660-543-4908
Office: Grinstead 120E
Email: kidwaro@ucmo.edu

Kyle Lovercamp Ph.D. Associate Professor, Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8094
Office: Grinstead 126C
Email: klovercamp@ucmo.edu


Name Title Contact
Mo Basir, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Science Education Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8853
Office: WC Morris 116M
Email: ahmadibasir@umco.edu
Sang-wook Cha, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-4976
Office: WC Morris 206A
Email: cha@ucmo.edu
Justin Chapman, D.C. Instructor, RadTech/MLS Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8861
Office: WC Morris 303
Email: jchapman@ucmo.edu
Amy Desaulniers, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-4467
Office: WC Morris 319C
Email: desaulniers@ucmo.edu
Kurt Dean, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Ecology Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8095
Office: WC Morris 319A
Email: dean@ucmo.edu
Joseph Ely, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-8785
Office: WC Morris 116G
Email: ely@ucmo.edu
Aaron Geheber, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-8291
Office: WC Morris 111
Email: geheber@ucmo.edu
William Kirby Microbiology Technician Phone: 660-543-8287
Office: WC Morris 314A
Email: wrkirby@ucmo.edu
Daniel Marschalek Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-8880
Office: WC Morris 319B
Email: marschalek@ucmo.edu
Daniel Metcalf Animal Facility Manager/Physiology Technician Phone: 660-543-8802
Office: WC Morris 019
Email: dmetcalf@ucmo.edu
Jennifer Mittelhauser Instructor, Ecology Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8877
Office: WC Morris 230C
Email: mittelhauser@ucmo.edu
Selene Nikaido, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Life Science Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-4324
Office: WC Morris 315A
Email: nikaido@ucmo.edu
Anna Oller, Ph.D. Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-4934
Office: WC Morris 312
Email: oller@ucmo.edu
Dawn Pauling Instructor Phone: 660-543-8027
Office: WC Morris 230B
Email: pauling@ucmo.edu
Jay Raveill, Ph.D. Professor Phone: 660-543-8812
Office: WC Morris 307
Email: raveill@ucmo.edu
Parker Stuart, Ph.D. Instructor Phone: 660-543-4308
Office: WC Morris 300
Email: pstuart@ucmo.edu
Beverly Tanui Instructor Phone: 660-543-4282
Office: WC Morris 206D
Email: bngeny@ucmo.edu
Dana Tucker, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-8997
Office: WC Morris 304
Email: dtucker@ucmo.edu
Daniel Wolcott, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-4238
Office: WC Morris 319D
Email: wolcott@ucmo.edu


Name Title Contact
Mandy Blackburn, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Phone: 660-543-8704
Office: WC Morris 409B
Email: mblackburn@ucmo.edu
Steven Boone, Ph.D. Professor Phone: 660-543-8886
Office: WC Morris 409A
Email: sboone@ucmo.edu
Andrea Carter Instructor Phone: 660-543-4949
Office: WC Morris 409E
Email: acarter@ucmo.edu
Steffen Christiansen Adjunct Phone: 660-543-4565
Office: WC Morris 426A
Email: schristiansen@umco.edu
Jason Holland, Ph.D. Professor, Chemistry Program Coordinator Phone: 660-543-8714
Office: WC Morris 406B
Email: holland@ucmo.edu
Innocent Pumure, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-4143
Office: WC Morris 409D
Email: pumure@ucmo.edu
Somnath Sarkar, Ph.D. Professor Phone: 660-543-8745
Office: WC Morris 417C
Email: sarkar@ucmo.edu
Jay Steinkruger, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-4432
Office: WC Morris 409F
Email: steinkruger@ucmo.edu
Sayema Tuli, Ph.D. Instructor Phone: 660-543-4455
Office: WC Morris 401
Email: tuli@ucmo.edu
Michael Van Horn Adjunct Phone: 660-543-8681
Office: WC Morris 417E
Email: mvanhorn@ucmo.edu
David Weinmann Technician Phone: 660-543-4136
Office: WC Morris 413
Email: dweinmann@ucmo.edu
Cathy Welsh Chemical Stock Room Manager Phone: 660-543-8743
Office: WC Morris 410
Email: cwelsh@ucmo.edu
Chen Zhou, Ph.D. Associate Professor Phone: 660-543-4318
Office: WC Morris 409C
Email: zhou@ucmo.edu


Dr. Scott Lankford
Chair, Associate Professor
WCM 306
Tel: (660) 543-8827


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