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Dr. Fanson Kidwaro


Dr. Fanson Kidwaro

Agriculture - Agronomy
G 120E
(660) 543-4908

Dr. Kidwaro moved to the United States from Vihiga, Kenya in 1983 to attend college at Truman State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy. He then continued his education at Central Missouri by earning a Master of Science Degree in Agronomy. He went on to earn a doctoral degree in Agronomy from the University of Missouri. Dr. Kidwaro is currently conducting research in cereal and forage crops at the Prussing and Mitchell Street university farms. His research is focused on cropping systems management to improve sustainability and productivity for farmers in Mid-Missouri. He has started a corn and soybean variety testing program to expose Mid-Missouri farmers and students to new bio-technology in the agriculture industry. He is also engaged in switch grass research (a nonfood crop) for production of carbonized biomass and cellulosic ethanol.

School Chair

Dr. Scott Lankford
School of Natural Sciences
WCM 306A
Tel: (660) 543-8827
Fax: (660) 543-4355


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