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Ms. Andrea Carter


Ms. Andrea Carter

WCM 409E
(660) 543-4949

Mrs. Carter graduated from Central Missouri State University (now UCM) in 2004 with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry. She began a career in education in 2006, teaching biology and physical science courses at Warrensburg High School. After a brief hiatus to pursue family life, she returned to her alma mater in 2010, taking on the role of Instructor. She completed a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in 2012. Mrs. Carter continues to enjoy teaching the freshman-level lecture and laboratory courses, including Introductory Chemistry, General Chemistry I, and General Chemistry II. The Introductory Chemistry course is especially enjoyable for her, as she emphasizes making chemistry relevant to everyday life for students working towards non-science majors. 

Andrea, and her husband, Marc, are lifelong Warrensburg residents and business owners. They live north of Warrensburg with their two children, Addison (15) and Brady (12).


School Chair

Dr. Scott Lankford
School of Natural Sciences
WCM 306A
Tel: (660) 543-8827
Fax: (660) 543-4355


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