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Dr. Mandy Blackburn


Dr. Mandy Blackburn

Assistant Professor
WCM 409B
(660) 543-8704

How does the sequence of coiled-coil structure affect the thermal stability of the structure? We attempt to answer this question using fluorescently-labeled peptides that experience a signal change upon losing their coiled-coil structure. By mutating the sequences in specific ways we can predict and then measure the changes in the stability of the structure.

Chemical Analysis of Lipid Oxidation in Food Products
We are tracking the extent of oxidation over time in various food products prepared from specific lipids. Since each type of food oil contains different combinations of lipids and antioxidants, they degrade at different rates. Knowing which food oils result in food with the longest shelf-life can have a major impact on the food industry.

School Chair

Dr. Scott Lankford
School of Natural Sciences
WCM 306A
Tel: (660) 543-8827
Fax: (660) 543-4355


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