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Health Studies

Prepare for a Career in the Health Industry

Each person's total well-being matters. Whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or social, optimal health is the one commodity everyone needs.
With your bachelor’s degree in Health Studies from UCM, you are prepared to promote healthy behaviors in communities, clinics, and corporations.
Students are encouraged to tailor their degree to their interests under the guidance of success advisors. By integrating health courses with programs such as psychology, nursing, business, or criminal justice, Health Studies allows you to blend health and well-being into value-added research and education. When you graduate, select a career in community or workplace health or continue your educational pursuits in graduate school.


Can I Find a Job When I Graduate and Will I Be Able to Pay My Bills?

Good news! The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that health educators are growing 16% faster than the average career from 2016-2026 with a median salary approximately $54,000/year. Individuals, corporations, and governments are prioritizing healthy lifestyles, cultures and environments.


Key Career Options in the US and Around the World!

Community Health Educator

Population Health Management

Public Health Educator

Employee Wellness Coordinator


Want to Transfer or Change Majors?

Health Studies is an open door to many career opportunities. Think about contributing to the health profession in local, national, or global communities. With a focus on health, enjoy a career as a community health educator, workplace wellness coordinator, or as a health promotion coordinator in an integrated health clinic.

Changing Schools?

UCM's Success Advisors will review your transcripts and affiliation agreements to accept qualified equivalent courses. If needed, faculty will review course syllabi to determine substitutions without sacrificing the quality of your education. We want you to be prepared for your future without being swallowed up by debt. With your general education courses completed, this is the perfect time to transfer and jump into the Health Studies core coursework.

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Changing Majors?

You’ve been a business, nursing, psychology, nutrition, biology or criminal justice major, but you haven’t found your niche?  Everyone knows that personal health is important, but millions of dollars is still spent on products, programs, and policies. We need professionals who can manage, motivate, design healthy environments, change cultures and develop skills to empower individuals and populations to live healthy lifestyles. Be an influencer. Bring your passion, interests, and skills to Health Studies to influence your community to live healthy.


Meet the Faculty


Dr. Karen Doyle
Health Studies Coordinator
North Morrow 107
Tel: 660-543-4662


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