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Psychological Science at UCM

A Student-Centered Experience

Welcome to Psychological Science at UCM! We take pride in getting students involved in psychological science. Our most successful students take full advantage of opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research and take leadership roles in our student organizations. We are proud of our students’ contributions to their discipline and to their communities.


Our Vision

We strive to offer a comprehensive educational experience, grounded in psychological science, by offering student-engaged learning opportunities that help you understand and apply psychological knowledge.

Our Mission

We are committed to preparing  you and our diverse body of students to apply skills and knowledge from the discipline of psychology in a changing world.  We provide you with a contemporary and comprehensive curriculum, grounded in psychological science, with opportunities for personalized educational experiences and the use of relevant technology.  We prepare you for employment in a variety of fields as well as admission to graduate and professional programs.



News and Events

Keep up with what’s happening in the department by reading our newsletter (Psych Talk Fall Issue, Psych Talk Spring Issue).

Each spring, we host our annual Psychological Science Banquet, co-sponsored by Psi Chi and the Psychology Club. The banquet includes a State of the Department Address by the department chair and recognition of an outstanding undergraduate and an outstanding graduate student. Scholarship recipients are also recognized, with $1,000 tuition awards granted to rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Research Talks

We sponsor a series of research presentations during the fall and spring semesters. The presentations may include student research, faculty research, thesis presentations, or other topics that are related to research, such as how to prepare for a professional conference. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Amy Biggerstaff.

The following is the schedule for the Spring 2020 Semester. All talks are Tuesdays, 1:00-2:00 pm in JCKL 1468 unless otherwise noted.


2/4/2020 Dr. David Kreiner, "Lessons from the Psychology of Time"
2/18/2020 Amy Biggerstaff, "Where is Everyone? Absences After Exams"
3/3/2020 Nikole Wright, "Exploring the Relationship Between Previous Trauma and Perceived Future Parental Efficacy" (link to video)
3/24/2020 CANCELLED
4/7/2020 TBA

Research Labs

Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Laboratory - This laboratory provides students with the opportunity to conduct basic and applied research related to behavioral assessment and treatment of biomedical disorders (e.g., headache, chronic pain, Parkinson's Disease). State of the art, eight-channel computer-based and stand-alone equipment for biomonitoring and biofeedback of cardiac, electrodermal, electromyographic, and peripheral temperature response modalities is available. Contact: Dr. Lundervold.

Experimental Psychology Laboratory - This lab is used for conducting research in a variety of areas in experimental psychology, including cognition, perception, psycholinguistics, and social psychology. This includes research designed by students enrolled in the Research Design & Analysis I and II courses as well as individual student projects under faculty supervision, research done for master's theses, and research designed by faculty with student research assistants collecting data. Contact: Dr. Hwang.

Eye Tracking Laboratory - The lab is equipped to track users' gaze patterns and correlate where they are looking on the computer screen with the information presented on the screen. Eyetracking has been used extensively in a variety of industries including driving, advertising, psychology, and many others. Contact: Dr. Carter.

Neurocognition Laboratory- This resource is equipped to measure and analyze a variety of biosignals including brain activity (EEG), eye movements(EOG), heart activity (EKG), and skin conductance (SCR) among others.  Equipment also exists to perform comprehensive eye examinations.  Recent and current projects in the lab involve examining brain activity as it relates to various memory and emotional processes as well as the effects of visual deficits on cognitive functioning. Contact: Dr. Ament.

Virtual Reality Laboratory- This resource utilizes a computer with virtual reality software along with goggles, platform, and a scent module. The laboratory can create virtual environments that simulate flying in an aircraft, public speaking, heights, and other scenarios. UCM was the first Psychology department in the country to incorporate VR technology into the undergraduate curriculum, where it is used to improve understanding of treatment methods for anxiety disorders and substance cravings. Contact: Dr. Kreiner

Student Organizations

Psychology Club

Calling all undergraduate and graduate students interested in psychology! The Psychology Club is looking for new members and dues are only $5 per semester or $10 per year. Any student with an interest in Psychology is eligible to join. The Psychology Club meets twice a month in conjunction with the UCM Chapter of Psi Chi. Psychology Club is active in fundraising and sponsors several social events, guest speakers, and field trips. Please contact one of the officers or the faculty advisor, Dr. Hwang, if you have any questions.

President - Grant Decker
Vice President - Cory Burton
Secretary - Emily Burgess
Treasurer - Grant Decker
Historian - Daria Wilson

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology. The purpose of this organization is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of members and to advance the science of psychology.

Membership benefits include national recognition, leadership development, and identification with psychology as a discipline. There are numerous awards and grants that are available to Psi Chi members. For more information, please see the Psi Chi website or contact one of the faculty advisors,  Dr. Kreiner or Dr. Schuetz.

President - Grant Decker
Vice President - Cory Burton
Secretary - Emily Burgess
Treasurer- Mia Seagraves
Historian - Daria Wilson

Because Psi Chi is an honor society, individuals must have outstanding academic records in order to become members. The Psi Chi organization has established standards to which our chapter must adhere. Within the first month or so of each semester, we work with the office staff to determine who meets the criteria to join. Eligible students will receive an email inviting them to join.

Undergraduate students must be Psychology majors or minors enrolled at UCM and have completed three semesters of college coursework (with at least 9 hours in psychology). In addition, undergraduates must rank in the upper 35% of their class in overall, cumulative GPA. Undergraduates must also have a minimum Psychology GPA of 3.0. Graduate students must be enrolled in the Psychology Master's program at UCM and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all graduate courses to be eligible.

The UCM chapter of Psi Chi participates in numerous service projects. For instance, the chapter provides free tutoring to any UCM student experiencing difficulty in a Psychology course. Our chapter regularly raises funds and supplies for local charities. We do highway cleanup for a stretch of road in the Warrensburg area (Route 13 bypass).

We have been successful in hosting guest speakers both at regular meetings and at special events. The chapter has been able to provide travel funding to several Psi Chi members for presenting their research at conferences.

Behavior Analysis Club

The Behavior Analysis Club is an approved university organization within the Department of Psychological Science. The purpose of the Behavior Analysis Club is to: (a) inform students about Behavior Analysis and what the field has to offer in terms of careers, (b) learn about current research and applications of behavior analysis, (c) create a forum for formal and informal discussions about Behavior Analysis to further the science of behavior, and (d) serve as a philanthropic organization. Members have the opportunity to network with future employers, participate in research forums, gain leadership experience, attend conferences, and participate in campus events.

How to Join the Behavior Analysis Club: 
Any UCM student in the Department of Psychological Sciences, both undergraduate and graduate, may be a member. A yearly membership fee of $10 is required. Members of the Behavior Analysis Club will receive a T-Shirt or similar emblem/article. Members will vote on the type and design of the emblem/article for that year. To join the club please contact the club president or faculty advisor.

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Duane A. Lundervold, BCBA-D, LPC
President - Wendy Hayworth
Vice President - Taya Riediger
Secretary - Sydney Skibell
Treasurer - Sydney Skibell
Historian - Lindsey Hillhouse


A variety of scholarships and awards are available for undergraduate and graduate Psychology students.

Tuition Awards
We offer tuition awards each academic year. Students interested in applying for the awards next year should visit Lovinger 1111 for further award details. The deadline for all scholarship applications is February 1. Awards are announced at the annual Psychological Science Banquet at the end of the spring semester. There are nine awards available:

  • Three tuition awards for psychology sophomores who will attain sophomore status by the next academic year. Each award is $1,000 ($500 per semester).
  • Three tuition awards for psychology majors who will attain junior status by the next academic year. Each award is $1,000 ($500 per semester).
  • Three tuition awards for psychology majors who will attain senior status by the next academic year. Each award is $1,000 ($500 per semester).

Psi Chi Awards and Grants
Members of Psi Chi are eligible to apply for Psi Chi Awards and grants. Deadlines vary.

Jerome M. Sattler Award
The endowment dispenses the following annual awards for research. These awards vary in amount each year (Application form). Deadline March 1.

  • Best undergraduate poster or paper presentation.
  • Best research/training project completed as part of an undergraduate psychology course.
  • Best graduate poster or paper presentation.
  • Best Master's thesis.

UCM Alumni Foundation Scholarships for Psychology Students
Apply for these scholarships through the UCM Alumni Foundation.

  • Arthur John Ter Keurst Scholarship in Psychological Science: For students majoring in psychology and have completed their junior year. Deadline February 1.
  • Robert N. Higgins Memorial Scholarship: For junior or senior students majoring in psychology. Deadline: February 1.

Joseph J. Ryan Scholarship

One scholarship is awarded to a full-time graduate student pursuing the M.S. degree in psychology at UCM. The award amount will be determined each year. The scholarship is made possible by way of a gift from Dr. Joseph J. Ryan of Weatherby Lake, Missouri. To be eligible, the student must be a full-time student in good standing at UCM, pursuing the M.S. in Psychology, planning to pursue a doctoral program in Psychology, and must demonstrate a commitment to research. Apply through the UCM Alumni Foundation.




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