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Automotive Technology Management

Technical Job Skills, Applied

The University of Central Missouri's Automotive Technology Management program prepares you to become a leader in the automotive industry. With our bachelor's degree in Automotive Technology Management, UCM is one of fewer than 20 universities in the nation meeting the demand for well-qualified, corporate-level and technical graduates.

As a graduate from this program you are suited for high-demand, well-paying, corporate-level, technical management positions within the automotive/diesel and alternative-fuel/hybrid vehicle industries. Historically 98% of our graduates gain employment in the field within six months of graduation, with a starting salary as high as $55,000. 

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Automotive Technology Management Programs

The automotive technology area of the ATM degree program focuses on technological skill-sets of the automotive professional and benefits most career positions in the industry, giving the widest versatility out of the three "areas." Learn more about each.

Automotive Technology

Area 1: Automotive Technology

Area 1 of the Automotive Technology Management degree places an emphasis on the technical skills you as a graduate will be recruited for.  While all three areas of the degree have some aspect of hands-on technical training, Area 1 features added course content in HVAC, Automatic Transmissions, and Engine Repair.  The most popular of the three, Area 1 is for those that love hands-on, technical learning, and in general is the most universal.

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Automotive Technology

Area 2: Design Technology

The Design area of the Automotive Technology Management degree places emphasis on design or engineering skills utilized in the applied service industry by manufacturers.  Do you ever wonder how an engineer works with service professionals to develop service procedures, or how they work together to make components more serviceable for their dealers? This may be the focus area for you!

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Automotive Technology

Area 3: Service Management

The Service area of the Automotive Technology Management degree places emphasis on service shop and dealership management skills utilized in corporate and private businesses, and relates them to the automotive industry.  Do you ever wonder how a dealership or manufacturer estimates warranty costs or manages employees?  Have you considered opening your own small business, and want to go beyond a business administration minor?  This concentration area might be for you!

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First Destination Success Rates

These reports highlight UCM graduates six months after graduation on their First Destination Success (FDS). FDS can be defined as graduates who are actively engaged in work/educational experiences (full-time, part-time, military, volunteer/program of service, or continuing education). Prospective students and families can gain knowledge by looking at major statistics.

2017-2018 Salary Summary

2017-2018 Graduates – Employers & Job Titles

2016-2017 Salary Summary

2016-2017 Graduates – Employers & Job Titles

2015-2016 Salary Summary

2014-2015 Salary Summary

2013-2014 Salary Summary

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Alumni Testimonials

The School of Technology at UCM would like to recognize some of our outstanding alumni who have graduated from our programs. We would like to commend them for their success and to give them the opportunity to talk about their experience at UCM.

Stephen Marlin

Stephen F. Marlin

Driver Relationship Manager, (GM) Fuel Cell Activities

The Power Technology program at Central provided me the confidence to take a lead position in GM's Advanced Technology Program by instilling a strong sense of current automotive knowledge combined with the curiosity to stretch that knowledge to new limits. The degree I received opened up a broad set of possibilities for me to help sustain my growth in the industry even 16 years after I graduated.

Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Factory Representative - Houston, TX, Jasper Engines and Transmissions

Thanks to UCM, I have been able to pursue a great career as a Factory Representative with the largest automotive remanufacturer in the United States, Jasper Engines and Transmissions. While attending UCM, I was able to attain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in today’s Automotive Industry. I would not be positioning myself as a leader in the automotive market if not for the instruction, professors, application, and atmosphere that you will only find at UCM’s Automotive Department.

Michael Wehmeir

Michael A. Wehmeir

District Parts & Services Manager, American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

The Automotive degree that I received from UCM gave me the necessary skills in automotive technology & management to land my first entry level job with General Motors. After working for GM, I then became employed by American Honda Motor Company, Inc. where I have worked the last 21 years as a District Parts Service Manager. As an Alumnus, I have been given the honor to serve on the UCM Automotive Advisory Board for over 12 years. UCM is very committed to advisory board input on curriculum changes to make sure that their degree is preparing the student for the real world. UCM offers an exceptional automotive degree that has given me a very satisfying & successful career!

Lou Gilbert

Lou Gilbert

Director, North American Marketing, Allison Transmission

The Automotive Program at UCM provides a foundation built on common sense and solid technical knowledge. These qualities have been critical as a I have progressed through business the past 17 years.

Jennifer Kamler 

Jennifer Kamler

District Parts and Service Manager, American Honda

Since graduating UCM in 2004, I've had many successes with my career, ultimately leading to my current position as a District Parts and Service Manager with American Honda. The technical knowledge and experiences I gained through UCM have been invaluable in helping me achieve these goals.  I would recommend UCM’s School of Technology to anyone who is looking for a rewarding career in the automotive industry.

Brad Kline 

Brad Kline

Sales Manager, Gateway Classic Cars

The automotive program helped me land my dream job by giving me knowledge not only of automobiles but also of the inner working of businesses. I am now the Sales Manager of one of the largest classic car dealerships in the world, just two years after graduating!

MHC Kenworth

Brenndan Zang

Service Manager, MHC Kenworth Atlanta

The Automotive degree prepared me to find a job in a technologically advancing workforce, and helped place me with a developing company, MHC Kenworth.

Cummins Inc. 

Daniel Cross

Supervisor, Cummins Inc. Customer Assistance Center

Career decisions can be difficult, and none more so than choosing the right degree. Pursuing a B.A. in Music, I was unsure of what I would do to provide for my family, so I switched to the Automotive Technology program at UCM. I realized that my social skills and the technical expertise I gained from UCM would be valuable assets when seeking employment. I graduated in May of 2007 and that same month started working at Cummins Inc. as a Customer Assistance Engineer. Just under three years later, I supervise the Customer Assistance group, a feat I could not have accomplished without the knowledge, skill set, and work ethic the Automotive Technology program at UCM instilled in me.

Derek Harmon 

Derek M. Harmon

Service Engineer, Ford Motor Company

Without my BS in Automotive Technology,  I would not have made it to where I am now. It opened doors and provided me with knowledge that is excellent for working for an automotive company.


Jake Brooke

Field Service Manager, Technical Services & Support, AGCO

The UCM Automotive Program has been a strong foundation for becoming a field service manager in a very demanding industry. The diversity of the program provided both technical and administrative skill sets that are vital to a successful and rewarding career. Thanks again to a truly amazing staff!

Phil Griggs 

Phil Griggs

Chassis Launch Coordinator, General Motors

UCM gave me the foundation to have a rewarding and successful career in the Automotive Industry. This foundation has provided me with many exciting opportunities globally!



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