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Will Ford


Mr. Will Ford

School of Technology Graduate Programs
Technology Gaines, TRG 318F
(660) 543-8965

Office Hours

Normally, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:50 AM till 12:20 PM.  Let me know ahead of time, if at all possible, to prevent scheduling conflicts.  If another time or day is needed, an appointment will normally be required.


B.S. in Industrial Technology from College of the Ozarks

M.S. in Administrative Management from the University of Northern Michigan

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Technology Management (Human Resources) at Indiana State University

Courses Taught

INDM 4010:  Current Issues in Industry, 

INDM 4210/5210: Industrial Management,

INDM 4230: Lean Quality Management,

INDM 4250/5250:  Project Management, 

INDM 4260/5260:  Organizational Management, 

INDM, INDM 5212:  Production & Operations Management, 

INDM 5260:  Systems Analysis & Management Information Systems (MIS)


Over the last 30 years, I've been involved in various industries and management operations. Most experiences dealt with industries under contract to the United States Air Force or programs developed by and for the exclusive use of the military.  A sample of projects includes a B-2 flight simulator, an electronic warfare data base, developmental polices and regulations for weapons and test operations and training, and programming and code for a library of off-the-shelf flight simulator programs. I have also directed training and certification for contract management, run a computer applications training program, and been an instructor in electronic warfare, as well as for B-52 staff and crews; authored war plans for air defense of the Marianna Islands; worked as a cameraman, and as a graphic artist and pressman for a print shop; and been involved in grist mill operations and the production of flour and corn meal.

As your instructor, I'm bringing a varied background in management that runs across several industries including aviation, defense, education, electronics, computer programming, and contracting.  I've also been involved in the automotive and construction fields for both personal and academic reasons.  From a manager's perspective, I've been involved with many types of work challenges and faced varied legal, ethical, cultural, and philosophical issues that only experience in industry can bring.  You will find that management is a dynamic process and that radically different styles of management can be appropriate when circumstances call for them due to the mind set of the individuals, cultures, and personalities you'll be called upon to deal with.  For instance, while leading a convoy under fire in Iraq and a team of software engineers trying to cope with computer integration problems, my approach and behavior required drastically different skill sets.  In this course, helping you understand that what works in one situation doesn't necessarily translate to the next, and exploring what your options might be, are part of what we'll investigate together in this course.  I look forward to the experience.


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