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The IMPACT Freshmen Leadership Retreat is not only for freshman; it also provides a leadership opportunity for upperclassman to facilitate the retreat. Facilitators lead a group of no more than 12 students during the three day retreat.   

Goal for being a facilitator

As a facilitator you will:

  • Help ease the transition from high school to college for incoming students

  • Build friendships with new students

  • Provide information about how to get involved on campus, the services and resources available

  • Help students learn more about themselves and others by debriefing activating and engaging in discussion.

Expectations of Facilitator

You are expected to:

  • Be punctual to all IMPACT meetings and event

  • Display a high level of energy and enthusiasm toward UCM at all time

  • Be friendly to students and open to helping them

  • Portray UCM in a positive light, both in person and on social media

  • Encourage students to try and experience new things.

 Facilitator Duties

You will:

  • Lead small group discussion after presentations

  • Conduct small group presentation on different topics

  • Lead ice breakers and team builders

  • Facilitate the registration process

  • Answer questions students may have and follow up with students through Facebook and email

  • Include students in all the activities and ensure students are participating

  • Provide information about involvement opportunities, student housing, services and resources.

Benefits of being a Facilitator:

  • Further develop your leadership skills

  • Great opportunity to give back to UCM

  • Get to welcome first year students to campus and helping them feel more at ease

  • Great networking opportunities

  • Make new friends

  • Build great memories

  • Resume Builder

  • Get free T-shirt and bags

  • Receive treats, meals and lodging during retreat

Application Process

Students particiapting in human knot at IMPACT

Facilitator Application

Applications for facilitators are available toward the in end of October through the first part of November. Interviews are held in a group style format, which means, we will facilitate activities and observe how you interact with each other.

Apply Now

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Training for facilitators are held each spring. During these trainings, you will learn about each of the activities, how to facilitate, how to debrief and additional information needed to help you be an excellent facilitator.


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