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Exchange Program

Exchange programing offers you the most comprehensive and culturally immersive international collegiate experience. The Center for Global Education has partnered with over 30 universities around the world to offer you the chance to participate in long term and summer study abroad as an exchange student.

Participating in study abroad on exchange is a unique experience because it offers UCM students and students from our exchange partner universities the chance to study abroad while still paying their home institution rate. This make long and short term study abroad both cost-effective and efficient!

What is an Exchange Program?

An exchange program is an agreement made between UCM and a university in another country to "exchange" students, faculty and ideas to foster international understanding and education. Exchanges are mutually beneficial because UCM gets to send student to our foreign partner universities and those universities get to send student to UCM.

ISEP Exchange

As a UCM student, you have a unique opportunity to study through ISEP Study Abroad on exchange in addition to UCM exchange partners.  ISEP has a network of over 100 exchange partners that are available to UCM students. Likewise, UCM is a choice for students from around the world seeking an opportunity to study in the U.S.. 

Nominate a Student

Exchange partners: please fill out this electronic form to officially nominate one of your students. You can nominate a student to study at UCM for one or two semesters at the undergraduate or graduate level.  After nomination, please do the following:

  • Direct the student nominees to the International Admissions website to begin their online application for the UCM Exchange Program.
  • Advise the student that all application materials should be submitted through the online process with International Admissions

Please contact Suzanne Beck at directly if you have any questions. 


Exchange coordinators will receive a DS-2019 and official welcome letter from UCM only after all application materials have been submitted and reviewed. Students should use their DS-2019 to obtain a J-1 Visa from their nearest consulate or embassy.


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