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Student Skill Assessment for Online Learners

Please answer all of the following questions as accurately as you can. You will receive your score and immediate feedback after submitting your answers.

1. My motivation for taking online classes is...

High -my work schedule/life circumstances prevent me from taking campus classes.

Moderate -I would like to see if this is a possible alternative to the campus classes I can now take.

Low -I am not yet sure how taking online classes will benefit me.

2.Face-to-face interaction with both my instructors and classmates is…

Not important to me.

Sometimes important to me.

Very important to me.

3.When I have assignments, I…

Often get them done ahead of time.

Need reminders of due dates.

Put them off until the last minute, and have trouble completing them on time.

4.Classroom discussion is...

Not usually necessary for me to understand my course work.

Nometimes helpful to me.

Very important to my understanding.

5.When an instructor gives directions for an assignment, I like to…

Read and follow directions carefully.

Skim directions to get the general idea.

Figure things out on my own.

6.The amount of time I expect to spend on an online class compared to an on-campus class is…


About the same.

Less -I'm hoping online courses don't require as much time.

7.When I have to use new computer technologies such as email, computer software or blogs I...

Feel comfortable because I have highly developed computer skills.

Feel a little nervous because I have moderately developed computer skills.

Avoid it because my computer skills are lower than average.

8.When it comes to my reading ability…

I am a strong reader.

I am a good reader –I usually understand what I read.

Reading is not one of my strengths.

9.Choose the statement below that best fits you:

I express myself best in writing.

I express myself fairly well in writing.

It is difficult for me to express myself in writing.

10.I best understand information when it is presented in:

A visual format (written, pictures, diagrams, etc).

A both visual and an auditory format (lecture, tapes, etc).

An auditory format.