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Department of English & Philosophy

Martin Bldg., Room 336
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660.543.4425


Studying Philosophy

Studying Philosophy? Why study philosophy? There are many reasons to major or minor in philosophy, but three in particular stand out.

First, if you wonder about things like the existence and nature of God, the limits of human knowledge, the basis of morality, the nature of beauty and justice or the meaning of life, then studying philosophy is for you—philosophy is devoted to exploring precisely such questions.

Second, there are practical reasons for studying philosophy—philosophy sharpens analytic and critical skills essential for success in a wide variety of jobs in today’s complex world, and is excellent preparation for further study in Graduate School, Law School, and Medical School.

Third, philosophy is central to a liberal arts education that seeks to understand and appreciate the complexity and diversity of human existence—philosophy provides a forum for the serious exchange of ideas between students and instructors not found in many of the more narrow avenues of university study.


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