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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

Faculty Guide


The Faculty Guide* represents a significant component of the University of Central Missouri's faculty communication system. The intent of this guide is to familiarize faculty with institutional statements on personnel policies, benefits, services, and procedural expectations to help departments and faculty successfully pursue teaching, research, service, and administrative activities.

The Board of Governors is the University's designated body with the statutory power to adopt rules and regulations for the guidance and supervision of the University of Central Missouri. The Board of Governors Policy Manual, UCM Procedures and Guidelines, and the Human Resources Procedures Manual maintain precedence over the Faculty Guide, as well as college and departmental manuals or similar documents. The Board of Governors Policies, UCM Procedures and Guidelines or Human Resources Procedures shall govern in the event of any contradictions with the Faculty Guide or any other academic unit publication.

Questions concerning the content and interpretation of the Faculty Guide may be directed to the deans, department chairs, or the Office of the Provost. The University reserves the right to expand upon, alter, amend, or delete any provisions contained herein as may be deemed necessary or appropriate by the University President or the Board of Governors.

Deborah J. Curtis, PhD
Provost and Chief Learning Officer

If you experience problems accessing any part of the Guide, please notify our office at 660-543-4116 or email our web editor.

* The University no longer prints a copy of the Faculty Guide. The Faculty Guide is on-line only to save resources and to allow the University to update the documentas changes occur during the course of the year.