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Academic Affairs / Provost

Administration 203
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4116

UCM Faculty Guide


I. University Organization and Governance

A. Mission Statement
B. Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education
C. Board of Governors
D. Strategic Leadership Team
E. University Policy Review Council
F. Provost's Council
G. Academic Council
H. Academic Department Chairs
I. Faculty Senate
J. Organizational Charts of UCM

II. Academic Policies and Procedures

A. Academic Honesty Policy
B. Academic Advisement
C. Commencement - Faculty Role
D. Faculty Meetings
E. Graduate Faculty
F.1. Instructional Procedures: Syllabi, Availability of Faculty, Class Attendance, Classroom Control
F.2. Instructional Procedures: Examinations, Grades, Grading System, Recording Devices, Field Trips

F.3. Instructional Procedures: Additional Costs for Courses, Extended Studies, Textbooks, Student Records
G. Evaluation of Faculty, Department Chairs, Deans and Provost

H. Student Academic Appeal Procedures
I. Teacher/Professional Education Governance and Procedures

J. Establishing and Maintaining Academic Policy and Procedure

III. Personnel Policies and Procedures

A. Employment
B. Promotion and Tenure Policies
C. Faculty Compensation
D. Employee Benefits
E. Worker's Compensation
F. Liability Protection
G. Faculty Professional Enhancement
H. Faculty Awards
I. Retirement

J. Grievances
K. Resignation
L. Termination -Dismissal of Tenured Faculty for Cause
M. Check-Out Procedures
N. Retrenchment Policy
O. Other Leaves and Absences
P. Vacation
Q. Legal Proceedings and Voting
R. Military Duty
S. Bereavement

IV. Institutional Policies and Procedures

A. Confidentiality of Personnel and Legal Records
B. Admission to Campus Events 
C. Alcohol Policy
D. Fiscal Responsibility, Telephone Calls, Mail Service & Purchasing Procedures
E. Conflict of Interest Policy
F. Intellectual Property Rights Policy
G. Illegal and Controlled Drugs Policy
H. Tobacco Use Policy
I. Immunization Policy
J. Sexual Harassment Policy
K. Discrimination and Harassment

L. Travel
M. University Store Discount Policy
N. Responsible Conduct of Research Ethics in Research Document
O. Regulations and Guidelines Regarding Technology

V. University Services

A. 1. Accident, Injuries or Illness Emergency Procedures
A. 2. Assaults, Thefts, or Other Criminal Action
A. 3. Emergency Operations Plan
A. 4. Keys and Parking Permits

B. 1. Information Services
B. 2. Marketing, Promotions, UCM Licensing and Print Production

C. 1. Career Services
C. 2. Counseling Center
C. 3. Academic Enrichment
C. 4. Welch-Schmidt Center for Communication Disorders
C. 5. Office of Accessibility Services, ADA/504 Coordinator
C. 6. University Health Center
C. 7. Office of Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention
C. 8. Student Financial Assistance
C. 9. Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support
C. 10. Office of Military and Veterans Services
C. 12. Title IX

D. JC Kirkpatrick Library

VI. External Relations

A. Advertising
B. Grants and Contracts with Outside Agencies
C. Gifts and Grants
D. Guest Lecturers, Speakers
E. Publicity
F. Radio and Television Stations
G. Scheduling of Campus Facilities
H. Student Recruitment

VII. Academic Procedures and Regulations

Academic Procedures and Regulations

Policy Updates - Fall 2015

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