Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee

October 19, 2006

3:30 PM

MAR 128 


A regular meeting of the Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee was convened at

3:30 p.m. on October 19, 2006, in Martin 128 with Chair Stefan Cairns presiding and Donna Mayeux serving as secretary.  Members present:  Renee Cole, Nicholas Fesser, Scott Keifer, Mary Kelly, Clint Orr, Mary Ellen Rowe, Jim Taylor, Stephen Walker, Christine Wright, and Yuankun Yao


Absent:  Lori Cochran, Doug Couch, Mike Grelle, Tony Shaffer, Doug Short and Xiaodong Yue


Guests present: Julie Clawson, Joan Martin and Dusty Rhodes.



I.                    Minutes



II.                  New Program Proposal:  Online RN-BSN Completion Program

Julie Clawson gave a brief overview of the proposal.  After some discussion, it was determined that a program revision applies rather than a new program proposal.  Stefan Cairns offered to guide her through the process and Dusty Rhodes offered to look over the program revision before it moves forward.


Julie Clawson withdrew the proposal and will make these curriculum changes through a program revision. 


III.                Discussion Item(s):

a.      Introduce - Registrar Dusty Rhodes and Dan Schierenbeck, Chair GEC

Stefan Cairns introduced Dusty Rhodes, Registrar and asked him to present the historical sequence of UCM's current degrees.  Rhodes reported that UCM's BS, BSE, etc. run true to form with other institutions.  The "functional" major is not a good choice in terminology and he prefers the term "comprehensive".  A student may graduate from UCM with a functional or a major/minor combination.  Functional means the minor is already built in.  Rhodes asked what is being questioned.  Cairns said itís the mandating of the minor.  The Provost wants to make it more flexible.  Instead of having a 40 hour cap, he wishes to leave it to the department to determine. Cairns summarized the discussion that followed:

Cairns will put together the scenarios discussed today for the next meeting.  He will cap all options at 124 hours and if over, include a justification.


b.      FSUCC representation on General Education Committee

Stefan Cairns reported that he had attended the General Education Committee meeting when the Provost addressed the group.  At that meeting, Dan Schierenbeck asked Stefan if he would be willing to attend the Gen Ed meetings as an ex officio since so much of the business overlaps with that of the FSUCC.  Cairns agreed and in turn asked Schierenbeck to attend FSUCC meetings as an ex officio.  Stefan will update the charge to show one of the duties of chair is to represent FSUCC at Gen Ed meetings.


c.       FSUCC representation on Assessment Committee



d.      Major limits

See above under Introductions.


e.      Functional major need

See above under Introductions.


f.        Decrease in General Education requirements (48 to 42 hours) from GEC

See above under Introductions.


g.      Faculty Load / credit for labs

Delayed as presenter was unable to attend today's meeting.



IV.                Review of Committee Charge

Stefan Cairns asked for the committee's help in responding to a memo from the Faculty Senate.  They are asking for an update to the committee charge.   The group determined no changes were recommended to the function.  Chair term is fine for 2 years rather than yearly.  His response will include that there is a need for administrative support to train departments to use the on line curriculum process.


Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Donna Mayeux


The next meeting is scheduled for November 16, 2006, 3:30pm in Martin 128.


Any questions, please contact Stefan Cairns, FSUCC Chair at ext. 8291.