Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee

March 15, 2007

3:30 PM

MAR 128

A regular meeting of the Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee was convened at 3:30 p.m. on March 15, 2007, in Martin 128 with Chair Stefan Cairns presiding and Chris Wright substituting as recording secretary.

  1. Minutes - Approve minutes.


  1. New Program Proposal(s)

BE&O to BTE Functional Major Program Revision - Sept 2006

BE&O to BTE Major with Minor Program Revision - Sept 2006

BE&O to BTE Minor Program Revision- Sept 2006 NOTE Minors do not go to CBHE

The name change is to insert "teacher" into title so students know the program relates to teaching.

Mary Kelly/Jim Taylor made a motion to approve all three proposals.

Motion passed unanimously.

  1. Discussion Item(s):

Curriculum process for program name changes - Stefan

Stefan Cairns reported that he had met with the provost and APC chair about changing the process for program name changes. Given the existing committee structure (no longer includes deans), this type of change is out of APC's jurisdiction. The new process that is recommended is as follows:

Department-Dean-Provost's Cabinet-CBHE

If  APC goes back to including the Provost Cabinet, then for name change only, the approval process will be: APC-Department-College-Dean-CBHE.

Chris Wright/Clint Orr moved to accept the new curriculum process for program name changes.

Motion passed unanimously.

40 hour upper-level rule and Provost Cabinet motion - Stefan

Stefan Cairns discussed the 40 hour rule and Deans' recommendation.

120 hours minimum for all baccalaureate degrees

30 hours minimum of upper level (3000 & 4000) courses

30 hours minimum residency at UCM

15 hours minimum in major at UCM

9 hours minimum in minor at UCM (added to Dean's list)

Associates Degree - leave as is currently listed on p. 33 of catalog

Expectation is that justification above 120 hours is not needed if program already exists (added to Dean's list)

Ease of dropping free electives in programs if departments want done to get to 120 hours in fall semester as a list by FSUCC chair with approval of chairs (added to Dean's list)

Chris Wright/Jim Taylor made a motion to approve the modified deans' recommendations for the 40 hour rule.

Motion passed unanimously.

Future Items:

Double Majors

Communication Problem regarding curriculum process

    Yearly Workshop

    Change Committee membership?

    Do we have the college rep on our committee also be the chair of the college committee?

    Process changes can be done easily.

    Name change only form.

    Consistency is important.

    How do we keep the process function efficient and still have checks and balances?

Respectfully submitted,



Chris Wright

Next meeting will be April 19 , 2007, 3:30 P.M. in MAR 128


Any questions, please contact Stefan Cairns, Committee Chair at extension 8291