Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee

September 14, 2006

3:30 PM

MAR 128 


A regular meeting of the Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee was convened at

3:30 p.m. on September 14, 2006, in Martin 128 with Chair Stefan Cairns presiding and Donna Mayeux serving as secretary.  Members present:  Renee Cole, Doug Couch, Mike Grelle, Mary Kelly, Mary Ellen Rowe, Tony Shaffer, Doug Short, Jim Taylor, Stephen Walker, Christine Wright, Yuankun Yao, and Xiaodong Yue.


Guests present:  Alice Greife, Joan Neal-Mansfield, Y. T. Shah, Richard Sluder, and Peter Viscusi.


Stefan Cairns introduced special guest, Provost Y.T. Shah.  He then asked Dr. Shah to share his ideas on curriculum.


Provost Shah reported that the Board of Governors will be voting on the name change next week.  This change will hopefully bring a new vision and opportunities for all of us.  Six task forces have been formed for the retreat and he will meet with each task force to go over their charge.  Before the Provost will make any new appointments to deans, associate provost, etc., he wants to form the structure that will help Central move forward toward a new image.  Shah shared that he has definite thoughts, but this does not mean he is not open minded.  He wants to put his thoughts on the table and have open communication.


Five Year Targets:


1.       Academic Reputation and Educational Process 


2.       Academic Structure


Provost Shah asked the curriculum committee to look at the curricular issues such as the number of credit hours.  The task forces he formed at the retreat have been asked to provide an assessment to him by the end of November.  Stefan Cairns suggested college curriculum chairs discuss the curricular issues within their college and bring a report back to FSUCC on October 19.  Some discussion followed and Dr. Shah concluded by stating, he does not want to start on a path we cannot finish.  He is serious about making changes helpful to the institution.  The departments will benefit if the university benefits.  He hopes to have meaningful closure.


Meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Donna Mayeux


The next meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2006, 3:30pm in Martin 128.


Any questions, please contact Stefan Cairns, FSUCC Chair at ext. 8291.