Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - November

Meeting 8 - Central Missouri State University - November 7, 2001

Faculty Senate Minutes 
(approved as corrected 12-5-01)

The Faculty Senate met at 3:15 p.m. in Union 237A with President Michael Bersin presiding.

Twenty-one senators and five alternates were present. Alternates were Reddington for Atkinson, Heming for Johnson, Turner for Mihalevich, Bryant for Ben Yates and Nikaido for Zupnick. Also present were Provost Carter and Dr. Waller.

MINUTES AND COMMITTEE NOTES of the October 31 meeting were approved as changed. All references in the P&T section to changing titles to Service & Recognition should be deleted. Titles should remain as Service.

Provost Carter reported that the Strategic Planning and Resource Council was meeting simultaneous to our meeting, and he would leave and return to our meeting. Carter attended a meeting with Library faculty and the issue of network stability needs to be addressed. Carter will check into the matter and present a proposal to the president. The recent Teaching Forum led by Dr. Ken Cust was well attended. Carter encouraged us to attend these teaching forums. Carter referred to his recent email showing Strategic Plan updates. The General Faculty Meeting will be on November 14 at 3:15 p.m. in WC Morris Science Auditorium. Faculty and staff are guests for the Mules football game tomorrow. Carter concluded by expressing appreciation to Joe Mazza, chair and each member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Compensation for their work. The FS Salary & Fringe Benefits Committee now has the report, with a deadline to report to the Faculty Senate by December 5.

Dr. Waller said forms have been sent out for Byler Award nominees. Curt Reams is chair of the FS Faculty Awards Committee.

Bersin reported that the SGA created an ad hoc committee on grade exclusion. The Faculty Senate Office was asked by SGA and provided copies of Senate minutes and supporting materials regarding grade exclusion at Central.

Bersin referred to the President’s Cabinet report of November 1. In response to Kemp, Bersin noted that the President Patton reported that Janet Sanders resigned from the Board of Governors. No futher details were provided.

Myers referred to the Council of Deans report of October 31.

Student Government Association Senator Richard Holtmeyer reiterated the creation of an ad hoc committee to review grade exclusion and send a proposal to President Patton. The SGA plans on providing funds for lights around the Jennies softball and soccer fields.

Faculty Evaluation Task Force member Bill Wilson referred to the distributed report from the two-day workshop in St. Louis in October. Wilson and Mel Franz attended. The leaders of the workshop have had many publications and research in their backgrounds. They stressed that if a campus has a successful program, it does not mean it will work elsewhere. Each campus must work from the bottom up to create a successful program. The Faculty Evaluation Task Force has yet to meet.

In the absence of a representative from the FS Elections Committee, Bersin referred to the printed FS Elections Committees special election results.

FS Committee on Committees chair Shellie Myers proposed the following. Betsy Kreisel (EHS) to replace don Wallace on the FS Salary & Fringe Benefits Committee from January through May 2002. Mel Franz (HCBA) and Mollie Dinwiddie (L/AE) to serve on the Faculty Evaluation Task Force.

Carol Mihalevich (EHS) to serve as the FS representative on the Oversight Committee for the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation (North Central). Sharon Lamson (EHS) to replace Roger Pennel until he returns from active military duty on the FS Undergraduate Exceptions Committee. All nominations were approved unanimously.


Eason introduced the following motion.

That the Faculty Senate conduct a nonbinding faculty referendum on the Board of Governors Academic Affairs Committee’s Faculty Compensation Proposal, the results of which would be reported to the Board of Governors.

Morgan seconded the motion. Martin offered an amendment to change the Board of Governors Academic Affairs Committee’s Faculty Compensation Proposal to Board of Governors Faculty Compensation Policy, since the Board already approved the proposal. The amendment passed with 23 yes votes, 0 no votes, and 2 abstentions.

Eason read the referendum. "The Faculty Senate would like to offer all faculty the opportunity to indicate whether or not they support the Faculty Compensation Policy which was approved by the CMSU Board of Governors at their meeting of October 17, 2001.

After lengthy discussion regarding the timeframe to conduct such a referendum and some expressing opposition since the Board already approved the Policy, Palmer moved to close discussion. The motion failed with 12 yes votes, 9 no votes and 20 abstentions. Further discussion focused on the need to complete the voting before the FS Salary & Fringe Benefits Committee reports to the Senate in December. Bersin reminded us that any proposals from the Senate would go directly to President Patton. Patton could inform the Board, but the Board will not act on implementation of the Policy.

Bob Yates called for a roll call vote. Those in favor were Bacon, Callahan, Davis, Eason, Ghozzi, Heming, Kemp, Laster, Lynch, Martin, Miller, Morgan, Myers, Nikaido, Palmer, Small and Reddington. Those opposed were Best, Bryant, Check, Franz, Joy, Limback and Turner.

                        FOR: 18 AGAINST: 7 ABSTENTIONS: 0 PASSED (FS 2001-2002-4)

Palmer moved to use the referendum ballot language Eason proposed. The URL of the Faculty Compensation Policy that was approved by the Board will be at the top of the referendum for faculty reference. Faculty Senate President Michael Bersin will report the results of this referendum to the Board at the December 7 meeting. The results will also be reported to faculty via Groupwise. The motion was seconded and passed with 23 yes votes and 2 abstentions.

Martin moved that the President of the Senate distribute the referendum in all due haste with return to the Faculty Senate Office by 5 p.m. Monday November 19. The amendment passed. The entire amended referendum format passed unanimously. Small moved to direct the FS President to handle all logistical issues to accomplish this. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Bersin, in reply to Bob Yates said he would report the process used to the Faculty Senate.

Morgan introduced the following motion.

WHEREAS Faculty Governance is an essential component of an effective institution of higher learning, and

WHEREAS Faculty Governance is an essential component of a desirable workplace, and

WHEREAS Faculty Governance is incorporated into the General Institutional Requirements of the Higher Learning Commission (NCA)-the accreditation body for this institution - to wit "Faculty not only provide instruction and advise students, but also are involved in institutional governance and operations through their work on committees and other institutional processes", and

WHEREAS the use of paternalistic processes, such as those recently associated with the Women’s Studies Consortium, circumvent the intent and practice of faculty governance,


That the Faculty Senate endorse the use of creative strategies by the Women’s Studies Consortium as they use faculty governance processes to promote a healthy, productive environment that recognizes the value of diversity, emphasizes unity and is in harmony with support of women as teachers, mentors and scholars. Mihalevich seconded the motion.

Morgan read a statement of how the Consortium is working on a resolution and will have a retreat in January. She asked for Faculty Senate support. Bersin recognized Barbara Baker, long time Women’s Consortium member and professor who teaches Women’s Studies courses. Baker stressed opposition to such a motion. The motion was not created by the Women’s Consortium and she does not know why it is being brought forward by Morgan, who was present at the Consortium meeting where issues were discussed. Baker explained the reasoning of the consultant’s visit and how misinformation was distributed prior to the Consortium ever meeting to discuss the consultant’s report. The retreat in January is being planned so the future of the Women’s Consortium can be addressed. Past retreats proved very valuable. Retreats are a way to improve the Women’s Consortium. Baker concluded by asking the Senate to vote no on the resolution. There was discussion from one extreme to the other. The motion could be seen as just "apple pie" or it could be seen as getting involved in a "family feud". Morgan noted that the motion represents constituent concerns. Bersin noted that the FS Executive Committee is required to put every faculty motion that is made and seconded on the Senate agenda. In response to Yates, Morgan thought that voting the motion down could "greatly hinder" Women’s Studies. She asked for a vote of confidence from the Senate. Myers had Morgan clarify what she meant by "paternalistic". Myers had a different interpretation. After further discussion Yates asked once again "if the motion is defeated will the Women’s Consortium be harmed"? Morgan replied "that the potential was there". Bersin recognized Dr. Baker. Baker said it is tricky to respond as she does not want to add fuel to the fire. Baker reported that people did receive information regarding the consultant coming to campus. In response to Yates, Baker thought that if this motion passed, "that it will create irrevocable harm". Franz moved "to table the motion (until the group works out their differences) until an indeterminate time".

                            FOR: 14 AGAINST: 7 ABSTENTIONS: 3 PASSED (FS 2001-2002-5)

Myers moved, it was seconded and approved with one abstention, to act as a quasi-committee of the whole in which President Bersin would serve as chair to review the October 31 version of the Promotion & Tenure document.

Franz referred to the Items for Discussion – Implementation Timeline document, sent by Myers on October 20.

Item 1 The new promotion and tenure policies will apply immediately to all new faculty hires starting with the 2002-2003 academic year. Small expressed concern with the word "the". Myers moved to remove the word "immediately". The motion was seconded. After further discussion regarding faculty on tenure track, it was agreed that a separate motion could be made later. The motion to approve item 1, less the word "immediately" passed with 22 yes votes, 1 no vote and 1 abstention.

Item 2 Myers moved that the three performance categories (teaching, scholarship/creative activity, and service) will apply to all faculty starting with the 2002-2003 academic year. The motion was seconded and passed with 1 abstention.

Callahan moved to adjourn. The motion was seconded and passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:06 p.m.

Ginny McTighe, Faculty Senate Secretary

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