Meeting 7                                                                                                December 5, 2007


University of Central Missouri

Faculty Senate Minutes


The Faculty Senate meeting was called to order at 3:22 in Union 237A with President Jack Rogers presiding.




In addition to FS President Rogers, the following 20 Senators were present: Bowman, Bradley, Callahan, Davis, Ely, Geiger, Kangas, Neal, Norwood, Popejoy, Riggins, Robins, Smith, Strohmeyer, Thomas, Tropf, Wenger, Williamson, Andrews for Bouzouita, and Dunlap for Urban. Also present was Provost Wilson and Parliamentarian Cheryl Riley.




A motion was made by Senator Ely, seconded by Senator Kangas, and passed unanimously to approve the minutes of meeting 6 of the 2007-2008 Faculty Senate held on November 14, 2007.




FS VP Popejoy stated that the Provost Council meeting was held last week on November 29th, with several items discussed including APR, Enrollment Validation and Online Evaluations. Popejoy stated that the Online Evaluation System for Faculty Assessment had an approximate initial cost in the vicinity of two hundred thousand dollars. Senator Ely asked why this system was so costly. Provost Wilson stated that the system would be extremely useful but given the cost, it is unlikely that UCM can afford to pursue it at this time.


Senator Ely stated that the SPRC has not had a meeting recently however there is an SPRC Sub Committee that will be meeting for the reconciliation and revision of the mission and goals statements.




FS President Rogers present motion 2007-2008-10 regarding a proposal from the Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee to change the note on page 33 of the 2007 catalog that prevents having coursework count towards two degrees. The maker of the motion was Stefen Cairns, chair of the FSUCC and the second was Renee Cole. Cole was supposed to be present to address the motion but FS President Rogers stated that she would not be attending the meeting until after 4 p.m. It was decided to proceed with discussion until Cole was present to address the Committee's motions.


Senator Ely stated that from the FSEC meeting and the discussion that took place when Cole first presented the motions, there seemed to be a problem with Chemistry and Physics. It is basically Calculus 1, 2 and 3. The FSUCC wants to solve the problem of overlapping courses.  Senator Kangas stated that in his opinion, if it is a requirement of a major, then that is the way it is. Senator Smith stated that an area of concern is electives. Senator Ely asked Provost Wilson if he foreseen any potential abuse to this motion. Provost Wilson stated that he didn't foresee any potential abuse. Senator Kangas moved to table motion #10 until 4:15 and wait for the arrival of Cole, seconded by Senator Neal and passed unanimously.


FS President Rogers presented motion 2007-2008-11 regarding a proposal from the FSUCC to add a condition that students may use a major in another degree for the minor requirement of a different degree (page 33 of the 2007 catalog) for discussion.


Senator Kangas stated that if a student does the coursework, they deserve the credit, and maybe our minors should be looked at. Senator Robins stated that some degrees require a minor, and asked, "Would the student have to do the minor in order to have two majors?"

Provost Wilson stated that it seems that the language is getting toward two degrees.


Renee Cole was present at 4 p.m. and FS President Rogers called for a motion to bring motion #10 off of the table, so moved by Senator Ely, seconded by Senator Norwood and passed by unanimous vote.


Cole addressed motion 2007-2008-10 with the rationale of this motion being, if a student completes the coursework required by a degree, they should receive the degree. With the provision that requires students to replace duplicate courses, we penalize students who choose to pursue an additional major at Central rather than transferring to another institution.


Senator Geiger asked if it was possible that we have two majors that are so similar.

Cole stated that it is a problem in Chemistry and Physics.


Senator Kangas called the question to end debate on motion #10, seconded by Senator Ely and passed unanimously.


Senator Kangas proposed a friendly amendment to strike the last two sentences of the motion to read:


(Omitted language in bold)  


Motion: The Faculty Senate University Curriculum Committee recommends the change of the note on page 33 of the 2007 catalog that prevents having coursework count towards two degrees to read- Any course required in both the major(s) and/or minor(s) constitutes an overlap. For two majors with overlapping courses, there must be at least 30 hours of coursework unique to each major. For overlapping courses in a major and a minor, there must be at least 30 hours unique to the major and 15 hours unique to the minor.


The motion to accept the friendly amendment on motion 2007-2008-10 was seconded by Senator Ely, and passed unanimously.


FS President Rogers asked what the two sentences were going to be replaced with. Senator Robins moves that we just do away with the note on the motion.


FS President Rogers called for a vote on omitting the note on motion 07-08-10. For: 19, Against: 1, Abstain: 0.    -Passed-


FS President Rogers called for a vote to accept the proposed catalog revision submitted by the FSUCC.


2007-2008-10              -PASSED-                  UNANIMOUS


FS President Rogers presented motion 2007-2008-11. Cole addressed the motion with the rationale of the motion being:

This creates an undue burden for a student who wishes to complete essentially a double major, with one being a B.S. and one being a B.A. (for example). There are some combinations (such as chemistry B.A. and dietetics B.S.) where the combination is ideal for a student's career path, but could require them to complete two additional minors to have the two majors. Since the goal is depth of study, the completion of two majors meets this goal.


After brief discussion, Senator Kangas called the question, seconded by Senator Ely, and passed unanimously to end discussion on motion 2007-2008-11.


FS President Rogers called for a vote on motion #11.


2007-2208-11              -PASSED-                  UNANIMOUS


With nothing further, the meeting was adjourned at 4:33 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,

Dianne Gower

Faculty Senate Office Professional