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Elections Committee


A. Ensure that all ballots counted are cast by eligible faculty as stipulated in the FS Constitution and By-Laws.

B. To certify eligibility of candidates

C. To conduct university-wide elections to select members and alternates to the Faculty Senate and replacement members for all vacated, elective committee positions as identified in the By-Laws of the Faculty Senate section g. ELECTIONS, unit (1)

1. To notify faculty members of all university-wide elections

2. To determine filing and election dates for all elections under the jurisdiction of the Faculty Senate

3. To prepare and count ballots for all such elections

4. To submit a detailed written report to the Faculty Senate certifying results of all such elections

D. To conduct special elections


Reports to the Faculty Senate


A. Composition (5 members)

One faculty member from each college and the Library

B. Selection

Faculty members nominated by the FS Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Faculty Senate

C. Selection of Chair

Shall select a chair from its membership

D. Term of Service

Two years. After serving for two consecutive terms, a member will be ineligible to serve for a period of one year.   Exceptions may be made by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees or the Faculty Senate Elections Committee.


The committee shall submit an annual written report to Faculty Senate.

Whenever possible, a second-year committee member should be selected as chair.

The committee chair is responsible for creating and maintaining a Procedures Manual, a copy to be kept in the Faculty Senate Office.

**After the nominating periods, and extensions, have been expired and there are no contested positions, those positions will be elected by acclamation.

Each FS committee chair is responsible for completing and submitting the committee's annual report to the FS Office Professional by May 15th each year.


Each Faculty Senate and University/Administrative Committee chair is responsible for completing and submitting a triennial charge review by the designated time to the Committee on Committee’s representative.


Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.

REVIEWED 11/2001, 03/2010; REV 4/2011; REV 5/2014; REV 9/2015; REV 3/2016

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