JULY 6, 2005





The meeting was called to order by Dr. Jeffrey Yelton, Chair, with the following members present:  Ms. Kelly Edmondson, Dr. Victoria Jackson, Dr. Qingxiong Ma, Ms. Joanne Reinke, Dr. Daniel Schierenbeck, Dr. Peter Viscusi, ex-officio member, and Ms. Amy Chester, Secretary. 


As the first order of business, Dr. Yelton asked the committee to approve the minutes of the meeting held on June 7, 2005.  Ms. Reinke made the motion to approve the minutes, Dr. Ma seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. 


Dr. Ma then initiated a discussion about the Faculty Senate website, where he and Kelly Boyd still were not listed as committee members.  After some discussion, Dr. Yelton stated that the root of the problem needs to be discovered and fixed and he would contact the Cheryl Riley, Chair of the Committee on Committees. 


Dr. Yelton then mentioned that he did find that the complete evaluation process is on a four-year cycle, and handed out a schedule of the last and next four years. 


Dr. Yelton then distributed a chart with all of the courses that have gone under review in the last three years.  Each course had the review date, approval date (if approved), and approval letter date.  If a course did not appear to have been approved, there were comments on its status.


In the block of 2002-2003 courses, the two chemistry courses were the only ones without final approval status.  Dr. Renee Cole, past Chair, has volunteered to continue with those courses, correcting the syllabi.


In the block of 2003-2004 courses, Dr. Cole will also continue work on the two Political Science courses (PolS 1500 and 1510).  After discussion among committee members and reading of old minutes about the block of Literature courses (ENGL 2200, ENGL 2205, ENGL 2210, ENGL 2215, and ENGL 2220), the committee agreed that these had been approved in December 2003, though the minutes were incomplete on this point. Dr. Yelton would send an approval letter to the Department of English.


The Religion course, REL 1510, was to be discussed later in the meeting.  The block of modern language courses (CHIN 1701, FREN 1201, GERM 1301, and SPAN 1601) were discussed for some time.  After reading of old minutes, it was discovered that the competencies did not match the matrix.  The packet of modern language courses either lacked materials for SPAN 1601 or GERM 1301. Dr. Yelton would check on these.


In the block of 2004-2005 courses, Dr. Yelton went over the notes he had to update the committee on their progress.  Dr. Viscusi mentioned that he had talked to the Provost about dropping PE 1203, PE 1204, and PE 2200 from the General Education program. 


The committee also discussed sending a questionnaire to faculty that participated in this year’s evaluation process.  Some of the considered questions were:  Was this process helpful to your department?  What could the committee do to be more proactive? Did you see any progress in your department and/or in the committee?  Dr. Jackson also recommended that the committee encourage departments to have their own departmental committees to talk about their own General Education courses each year.  Dr Yelton stated that this would help the instructors to decide on what they want the students to walk away with at the end of the course. 


Dr. Yelton reported to the committee that English and Philosophy is considering dropping course ICAP 4235.  The course’s instructor is no longer at the University, so they will not be submitting paperwork for review.  Dr. Viscusi then suggested that they submit the paperwork to drop the class before the January deadline for the new catalog.  Dr. Yelton will contact the English department about the course.


The committee then turned to Old Business, courses that had previously been tabled for additional information or revised submissions.


MUS 1210:  Ms. Reinke stated that there was one place where the matrix did not match the evaluation; it was a conflict of primary or secondary in Valuing, competency number one. There was also no sample syllabus in the revised materials.  She also had a question on the mandatory extra credit, listed in an old syllabus.  The committee decided to table the course until a new syllabus was provided.


PSY 1320:  Dr. Ma thought that all questions were clearly answered in the evaluation.  Dr. Yelton noted that a Social and Behavioral competency (number 3) is mislabeled as one of Valuing.  The course’s competencies will have to be added to the matrix, which does not include any of the Personal Interaction section yet.  It is unclear how several competencies will be assessed. The committee decided to table the course until the evaluation was relabeled and the evaluation was more specific.


REL 1510:  Dr. Yelton read the minutes from the meeting when the course was first reviewed, and noted Dr. Marla Selvidge had sent revised material some time before, but that it had not been distributed. The two previous reviewers, Dr. Cole and Dr. Bax, are no longer on the committee. The committee discussed how to proceed with the review. It was agreed that all committee members—except Dr. Schierenbeck, who serves in the same Department—would review the materials. To avoid problems in communication, the committee specifically would document any problems it found.  Dr. Yelton will get a copy of this course and its materials for every committee member to read.  The course was tabled until everyone has had a chance to look over the course material.


Dr. Yelton then asked for any updates on other classes, and there were none.


To begin New Business, Dr. Yelton passed out a list of all of the courses that will be up for review in this academic year.  Dr. Viscusi then discussed the original difference between and ICAP and IGEN.  The committee decided to wait until the next meeting, on August 1, 2005, to assign the reviews since some members were absent and the materials are not due until September 30, 2005. 


The meeting was adjourned at 4 o’clock.


Respectfully Submitted,

Amy Chester