JUNE 7, 2005




The meeting was called to order by Dr. Jeffrey Yelton, Chair, with the following members present: Ms. Kelly Boyd, Ms. Kelly Edmondson, Ms. Joanne Reinke, Dr. Beverly Wallace, Ms. Ruthann Williams, Dr. Peter Viscusi, ex-officio member, and Ms. Amy Chester, Secretary.  Dr. Dianne Mack was also present to discuss MUS 1225.


Ms. Reinke and Ms.Williams discussed IC³ computer-literacy testing for Fall 2005.  The University contracted for an unlimited number of tests in fall for $15K. There was discussion of sample size and possible biases. Students from BE&O 1210, LIS 1600, and AE 1400 will be involved. Dr. Viscusi volunteered the four honors sections of AE 1400 to do the one to two hour test as a homework assignment.  Ms. Reinke thought that the AE instructors might need to know more about the testing, and Ms. Williams responded with the fact that there can be print outs of who participated and how well they did on the test for each instructor.


Dr. Yelton passed out copies of the charge and roster for the FS General Education Committee.  After looking it over, there were questions as to why Ms. Kelly Boyd and Dr. Qingxiong Ma were not on the list of committee members.  Dr. Yelton will talk to Ms. Cheryl Riley about their status. There was discussion of how terms would be staggered in the future and how the FS Elections Committee ensures that at-large members teach Gen Ed courses. Dr. Viscusi suggested that the number of voting members be increased from eight to nine, so three could be elected each year. Ms. Williams moved to increase the number of at-large members from three to four; Ms. Reinke seconded the motion; and it passed unanimously. 


Dr. Yelton initiated a discussion to set up times for the next two summer meetings.  It was decided that Wednesday, July 6th from 2pm to 4pm would be the next meeting, followed by one on Monday, August 1st from Noon to 2pm. 


Dr. Yelton then asked if information on Psy 1320 had been received, and Dr. Viscusi informed him that there was no new information.  Dr. Wallace volunteered to be in contact with the department since it was in her college.  The information will be sent to Dr. Viscusi’s office, JCKL 1450. 


To begin Old Business, Dr. Yelton passed out a copy of the updated Matrix. Few courses from the Cultural Interaction and Personal Interaction sections have been listed on the matrix; these remain to be done. Dr. Yelton asked that any typo corrections or matrix additions be sent to Dr. Viscusi with a copy to himself.  Dr. Yelton commented that previous general material in the Assessment column of the Matrix was gone, and Dr. Viscusi replied that it was more for the use of the FS University Assessment Council.  Dr. Wallace moved to have Dr. Yelton serve on the FSUAC; Ms. Edmondson seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. Dr. Viscusi will contact Mike Grelle.


Dr. Yelton distributed a summary sheet showing status of courses reviewed during 2004-2005. Several had not been approved, and these need to be reconciled before the 2005-2006 cycle. The Committee began its discussion of the following tabled courses:


POL 3522: We reviewed notes of previous meetings. Dr. Cole had mentioned that it only listed one cultural interaction competency.  She suspected that it actually addressed more than that.  Dr. Yelton will follow up on it.


WS 2000:  The course did not have competencies listed for those of cultural interaction. Ms. Williams will talk to Dr. Yvonne Johnson about it, and Dr. Yelton will send an e-mail to Dr. Johnson.


CFD 1010. The submitted materials did not explain how listed competencies were assessed and how assessments linked with competencies. Dr. Yelton and Ms. Wallace would contact the department.


HED 1100:  There were no personal interaction competencies listed. Ms. Boyd volunteered to contact Dr. Nelson and get back to the committee on their discussion.


PE 1206:  Ms. Boyd will talk to Dr. Nelson about this course too.


PHIL 2300:  The committee believed this course syllabus listed too many competencies and they were not noted to be primary or secondary.  There also was a lack of notation on the syllabus about grades.  Ms. Williams will be in contact with the department.


PSY 1320:  Dr. Wallace volunteered to initiate the evaluation process on this course, because it is in her college.


PE 1203, 1204, 2200:  Review materials were never submitted for these courses. There was a question on how to communicate the deletion of these courses from the Gen Ed program to the Provost, since the department decided not to submit these courses for review.  Dr. Yelton will send a draft letter to Dr. Viscusi, and then the final letter will be taken to the Provost.


The goal is to have all tabled courses reconciled by September, because the ICAP and IGEN courses will soon be coming in for review.


MUS 1225, Music of the World’s Cultures

Dr. Mack went over the revisions made to the course evaluation and the syllabus.  Ms. Reinke commented that she liked the way that all competencies were clearly marked as either primary or secondary.  It was pointed out that the syllabus still said “University Studies” and that needed to be changed to “General Education.”  There was also a question about the wording of a sentence about raising grades in exceptional circumstances.  The committee suggested that the sentence be deleted. Dr. Mack agreed.   Ms. Reinke moved to approve the course, Dr. Wallace seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. 


Ms. Edmondson asked about committee duties.  It was discussed that each General Education course is up for review every three to four years.  Dr. Yelton stated that the committee planned to put exemplary syllabi online for others to review. 


Dr. Yelton passed out a handout on the ICAP and IGEN courses that would soon be coming in for review.  It was decided to wait to assign these until Dr. Daniel Schierenbeck and Dr. Victoria Jackson were present.  It is unclear if all departments will continue to offer these. Dr. Viscusi reported that one, IGEN 4244, had only been offered once, and then in Maastricht. Dr. Yelton then asked Dr. Viscusi if the committee would receive HON 3000 and HON 4000 review materials.  Dr. Viscusi told him that they could, but it would have to be a generic version because every HON 3000 and HON 4000 course was very different, with no two ever being the same. 


As the last order of business, Dr. Yelton asked the committee to approve the minutes of the meeting held on May 11, 2005.  Ms. Reinke moved that the minutes be approved, Ms. Williams seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved. 


The meeting was adjourned at two o’clock.


Respectfully Submitted,

Amy Chester